The Raven's Knot

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The Raven's Knot
Author Robin Jarvis
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series Tales from the Wyrd Museum
Genre Fantasy novel
Publisher Collins
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardcover & Paperback)
ISBN 0-8167-7006-9
OCLC 46918912
Preceded by The Woven Path
Followed by The Fatal Strand

The Raven's Knot is the second book in the Tales from the Wyrd Museum series by Robin Jarvis. It was originally published in 1995.


In Glastonbury, there are two mysterious deaths and the women of the town are falling ill, and strange crow dolls are appearing in their houses. Back in London, Neil Chapman living in the Wyrd Museum (a strange building owned by the three mysterious Webster sisters) once more enters the 'Separate Collection,' and discovers a stuffed raven that has come back to life. Then one of the Webster sisters go missing, along with Edie Dorkins, the elfin girl brought out of the past to carry on the sisters' work.