The ReGeneration

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The “ReGeneration” refers to people of all ages who share a common interest in renewable resources, recycling and other means of sustaining the earth’s natural environment. In contrast to previous age-specific generations, like the ‘Me Generation, Generation X or Generation Y, this new generation comprises globally connected and like-minded individuals using technology to harness their collective beliefs – regardless of age or geographic location.".[citation needed]

Social networking Web sites are enabling members of the “ReGeneration” to interact and share ideas with others based on common interests like conservation and alternative energy.

While not specifically defined, the prefix ‘Re’ in “ReGeneration” could be interpreted to include widespread environmental practices such as reusing, recycling and restoring.


The modern environmental movement gained traction in the early 1970s following the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, the first time multiple nations joined together to discuss the state of the world’s environment

The concept of a generation that includes people of all ages who share a common interest in the environment was first introduced by Dell Chairman and CEO Michael Dell on World Environment Day 2007.[citation needed]