The Real Bruce Lee

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The Real Bruce Lee
Directed byJim Markovic
Produced bySerafim Karalexis
Dick Randall
Written byLarry Dolgin
Dick Randall
StarringBruce Lee
Bruce Li
Dragon Lee
Running time
93 min.
118 min. (British video version)[1]
CountrySouth Korea
Hong Kong

The Real Bruce Lee, also known as Last Fist of Fury, is a 1977 martial arts documentary.

The version of the film that is commonly distributed in the West (USA) on public domain-type DVD and video labels runs 93 minutes in length. The British VHS-version released in 1979 runs 118 minutes.[1]


It begins with a brief biography of Bruce Lee, and shows scenes from four of his childhood films, Bad Boy, Orphan Sam, Kid Cheung, and The Carnival, each sepia-toned and given a fully new soundtrack with dubbed English dialogue and a disco soundtrack such as an instrumental version of Devil's Gun by C. J. & Company.

Next, there is a three-minute highlight reel of Lee imitator Bruce Li.

Finally, there is a feature-length Korean martial arts film starring Lee imitator Dragon Lee titled 최후의 정무문, Choihui Jeongmumun (lit. "Last Fist of Fury").


In 2004, The Real Bruce Lee 2 was released.


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