The Real Janelle

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The Real Janelle
Bratmobile The Real Janelle.jpg
Studio album by Bratmobile
Released 1994
Recorded July 1993
Genre Punk rock
Length 12:12
Label Kill Rock Stars
Producer See Album Credits
Bratmobile chronology
The Real Janelle
The Peel Session
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ARTISTdirect 4.5/5 starslink

Released in 1994 by Kill Rock Stars, The Real Janelle would become Bratmobile's last studio recording in six years. Though released before The Peel Session, that was recorded a year prior. The record offers more clarity in its sound and its thought from their full-length record Pottymouth, "Brat Girl" being an answer to the type of emotional abuse touched on in "And I Live In A Town Where The Boys Amputate Their Heart" and the low-ley, tense "Yeah, Huh" being almost a set-up for the full force of the heavy punk-rocking "Die."

The title "The Real Janelle" was inspired by a Born Against song written by Ben Weasel of Screeching Weasel. The Born Against song and "The Real Janelle" both are references to Janelle Hessig, a former Bratmobile roadie and East Bay fanzine creator known for producing "Tales of Blarg" and "Desperate Times." The photo on the cover of the EP is of Janelle Hessig herself.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Real Janelle" – 1:41
  2. "Brat Girl" – 1:58
  3. "Yeah, Huh?" – 2:00
  4. "Die" – 1:48
  5. "And I Live in a Town Where the Boys Amputate Their Hearts" – 2:41
  6. "Where Eagles Dare" (The Misfits cover) – 2:04

Album credits[edit]


Recorded July 1993 at Avast, Seattle, Washington. Engineered by Stuart Hallerman. Mixed by Stuart Hallerman, Slim Moon, and Bratmobile. Prints by Tinúviel.