The Real Thing at Last

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The Real Thing at Last
Directed by L. C. MacBean
J. M. Barrie
Produced by A. E. Matthews
Written by J. M. Barrie
William Shakespeare (original play)
Starring Edmund Gwenn
Nelson Keys
Godfrey Tearle
Owen Nares
Norman Forbes
Release dates
  • 22 April 1916 (1916-04-22)
Running time
30 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language Silent film
(English intertitles)

The Real Thing at Last is a satirical silent movie based on the play Macbeth. It was written in 1916 by Peter Pan creator and playwright J. M. Barrie as a parody of the American film industry. The film was made in response to news that American filmmakers intended to honor the 300th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death, and presents itself as a crass example of how they would adapt the classic play.

The film featured several popular British stage actors of the period, and served as the film debuts of Edmund Gwenn, Marie Lohr, Ernest Thesiger, and Frederick Kerr. It was presented at a benefit for the YMCA, attended by Queen Mary, Princess Mary, and Prince Albert (later King George VI).[1]


American film producer Rupert K. Thunder (Edmund Gwenn) hosted the film live. The movie loosely follows the plot of the play, with comically melodramatic embellishments.[1]



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