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The Red Bulletin
The Red Bulletin.jpg
TypeInternational Active Lifestyle Magazine
FormatIndependent magazine
PublisherRed Bull Media House
LanguageEnglish, German, French and Spanish

The Red Bulletin is a lifestyle magazine published by Red Bull Media House that began in 2005.

The Red Bulletin – The International Active Lifestyle Magazine[edit]

Every month The Red Bulletin features sports, culture, music, nightlife, entrepreneurship and lifestyle stories. The focus is on people who accomplish extraordinary achievements, move beyond the norm, test their limits, and passionately seek adventures, while breaking new ground.

Target Group:[edit]

The Red Bulletin is a general interest magazine for men between the ages of 25 and 35, who are educated, cosmopolitan, sporty, success-orientated and active, and who enjoy their lives. They prefer an urban lifestyle, enjoy traveling and love to get to know different cultures. Furthermore, they are very brand conscious and interested in all topics related to cars and technology.

Editorial concept[edit]

The men’s active lifestyle magazine is a monthly magazine published by Red Bull Media House Publishing GmbH, whose headquarters are in Vienna, Austria. Editorial content is controlled and designed from Vienna in close collaboration with local editors. The Red Bulletin offers wide range of global content, while also featuring national interests.

The journalistic approach is based on the idea of visual storytelling. With unique and exciting stories from around the world, in tandem with fascinating, exclusive photos and design, The Red Bulletin creates true reading pleasure of the highest standards.

The editorial team is essential to the quality of the magazine. As a result, The Red Bulletin constantly strives to feature the world’s best photographers and writers, for example:

  • Michael Muller: Although the American predominantly shoots Hollywood stars for The Red Bulletin, his first published photo was of a snowboarder. So he was perfectly at home shooting a cover with ski star Lindsey Vonn.
  • Krystle Wright: The Australian is a world-famous adventure photographer, whose job has made an extreme sportswoman of her. Her hobbies include freediving and climbing.
  • Jim Krantz: A student of the legendary Ansel Adams, Krantz fascinates with the breadth of his subjects – from photographs of cowboys for a Marlboro campaign to celebrities and high-speed reportage.
  • Simon Kuper: The award-winning British author names football and sport in general as his specialties. His book Football Against the Enemy was British Sports Book of the Year in 1994.
  • Marcel Anders: The music journalist from Munich has already interviewed half the members of the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame – the other half is on his list.
  • Daniel Kehlmann: The German-language novelist (Measuring the World) is one of several famous writers who’ve contributed short stories to The Red Bulletin. Others include Norway’s cult crime writer Jo Nesbø and US author James Grady (Shadow of the Condor).
  • Rüdiger Sturm: The Munich-based German movie journalist is close to many of the directors – like Oliver Stone – and Hollywood stars – like Matt Demon – and is a contributor to publications like DER SPIEGEL and DIE WELT as well. Sturm impresses not only because of his knowledge on movies but has created some for his own.


The magazine content is divided into the following concept categories:

  • Bullevard: fast-paced introduction to the magazine with breathtaking photography and innovative content. The surprising entry into the world of adventurers, with tips and examples from which readers can learn.
  • Features: sports, adventure, art and music business – outstanding characters provide amazing interviews and compelling stories of what inspires them and how they have managed to stand out from the crowd. These personalities tell the readers what inspires them and what "gives them wings".
  • Action! Service journalism at its finest. Life has so many facets – those who cannot get enough of it will find new kicks beyond the ordinary on reader-focused topics such as travel, training, music, film, photography, gaming, technology, nightlife and much more.[1]


  • 2005: The Red Bulletin was first published at the Monaco Grand Prix, printed onsite. From this point on, the magazine became an integral part of the Formula One season; initially, it started at as daily newspaper on-site.
  • 2007: From November, The Red Bulletin became a monthly magazine, first appearing on a regular basis in Austria.
  • 2009: The Red Bulletin was launched in the UK, Germany and Ireland.
  • 2010: The Red Bulletin was established in New Zealand, South Africa and Kuwait.
  • 2011: Publication began in the USA,[2] Switzerland, France and Mexico. In the same year, The Red Bulletin app was launched.
  • 2013: From May onwards, an e-paper version for Brazil was available. In addition, the Kuwait version became a "Gulf Edition", thereby addressing other Middle East countries. For the first time all national issues also became available as a digital e-paper.
  • 2014: In June, to coincide with the return of Formula One in Austria, The Red Bulletin went back to its roots – a daily special edition was released for the Grand Prix weekend in Spielberg. Also in this year, The Red Bulletin entered the Asian Market with a South Korean and a Chinese special edition.
  • 2015: From November The Red Bulletin became permanently available in a broader market with a monthly South Korean Edition. At the same time, launch of The Red Bulletin New Zealand was stopped.
  • 2016: Reaching out to a business-oriented as well as the start-up scene, The Red Bulletin launched its first two Line extension issues - The Red Bulletin Innovator - in May and October. Towards the end of the year, The Red Bulletin Ireland and The Red Bulletin South Korea were taken off the market.

Circulation & Distribution[edit]

With a monthly print run of more than 2 million copies, available in four languages (German, English, French and Spanish) and own local country editions in 8 markets (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, the USA, Mexico and South Africa), The Red Bulletin is one of the most widely circulated international monthly magazines. The distribution of the magazine is organized through national and international channels, distributed with renowned carrier partners, as well as available on the newsstand and as a subscription worldwide.


As an international men’s lifestyle magazine The Red Bulletin is pursuing a comprehensive digital strategy. In addition to the print edition, the magazine is also available as a digital e-paper on iTunes, Google Play, Zinio and Issuu. The Red Bulletin website was successfully launched in 2014. takes the magazine even further by inspiring readers with behind-the-scenes videos, breathtaking photo galleries and expanded stories. The site offers a variety of traditional and custom native integrations for advertising to this highly engaged consumer. delivers all content for each device in ideal resolution. This ensures perfect performance in every single situation for limitless entertainment. The Red Bulletin also has its own Facebook page, where content is posted several times a week. Moreover, the magazine has an app (The Red Bulletin App).

The Red Bulletin stands for technically state-of-the-art digital magazine journalism.[3]

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