The Red and the Blue (TV series)

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The Red and The Blue
Genre Animation, Family
Created by Francesco Misseri
Written by Francesco Misseri
Directed by Francesco Misseri
Theme music composer Piero Barbetti
Country of origin Italy
Original language(s) Italian
No. of episodes 39
Running time 5 minutes
Production company(s) L+H Studios
Original release 1976
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The Red and the Blue was an Italian stop motion animated television series for children. It has two characters, antagonistic shapeshifters, one colored red, the other blue. It is by Misseri Studios.

The show sets the two characters in an undifferentiated white plane in which they interact. They are able to assume various forms at will, for example in one episode The Blue becomes a boat while The Red becomes an island, later the Blue becomes a suitcase while The Red partially converts his body into a chest-of-drawers, filling the suitcase with red 'clothes'.

Misseri's website describes the situation as:

Two blocks of clay. The Red is big and passionate; he like driving fast cars, eating... enjoying all the pleasures of life. The blue is small, smart and cunning, and he's there just to bother the red.

The characters communicate in a prelingual form that conveys emotions without using any particular language. This avoided the need for translation or subtitles. Francesco Misseri describes the language "non-verbal" and "onomatopoeic" on the website and in a comment on YouTube.

The series was written and directed by Francesco Misseri with music by Piero Barbetti. In Australia it was first broadcast on the ABC.

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