The Redneck Manifesto (band)

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The Redneck Manifesto
Origin County Dublin, Ireland
Genres Instrumental rock, math rock
Years active 1998 – present
Labels Trust Me I'm A Thief, Red F, Greyslate, Richter Collective
Associated acts Jape, Somadrone, ViSIONAiR, Bill Blood
Members Richie Egan
Niall Byrne
Matthew Bulger
Mervyn Craig
Neil O'Connor
Glenn Keating

The Redneck Manifesto is an instrumental rock band from Dublin, Ireland. Its members are Mervyn Craig (drums), Richard Egan (bass), Niall Byrne (guitar), Matthew Bolger (guitar), Neil O'Connor (keyboards, percussion), Glenn Keating (keyboards, percussion).


The Redneck Manifesto formed in August 1998[1] as a four-piece composed of members of several prominent Dublin bands - Niall Byrne came from Jackbeast, Richie Egan from Black Belt Jones[2] and Matthew Bolger from The Waltons. Mervyn Craig came from the Dundalk band Hylton Weir. Neil O'Connor would join the band in 2003 coming from the Connect 4 Orchestra. The band first started playing gigs across Dublin and soon released a number of 7" singles on their own Greyslate label; as well as a split 7" released on Road Relish.

It was their debut album Thirtysixstrings that first harnessed the power of their passionate and well rehearsed live shows. The album was recorded by Alan O'Boyle (Decal/Legion of Two) and released as a joint venture with French label Red F Records in 2001.[3] It was warmly received by press and fans alike and was acclaimed 'Irish album of the year' for 2001 by the Event Guide (Dublin).[4]

In March 2002 the band undertook their first headline European tour. In a bid to help defray tour costs they released a companion piece to 'Thirty Six Strings' in the form of an extended EP Cut Your Heart Off from Your Head. Again recorded with producer Alan O'Boyle this showed the Redneck sound changing subtly. Equally receiving very favourable reviews and again being self-released the band found it difficult to keep up with the sales demands the EP placed on them.

In 2003 The Redneck Manifesto played to a capacity audience at the Witness festival in Ireland. Also in March that year, after featuring on a number of BMX Video soundtracks and receiving much interest from the US BMX-ing community they travelled to play their first shows in the US and were a huge hit at the 2003 South by South West music festival in Texas.[5]

In March 2004 the band travelled to France to record their third album I Am Brazil. The album was recorded in Black Box Studios by producer Dave Odlum. It was the first recording as a five-piece and as such shows an expanded and developed sound that moves on from where 'Cut Your Heart Off From Your Head' left off.

Regarded as one of Ireland's finest live bands, this innovative and resolutely independent group has bypassed the normal channels of industry hype. The successes they have achieved to date - sold-out venues and snapped-up recordings issued on their own label - have been based entirely on their own merits, hard work and a phenomenal word-of-mouth reputation.[6]

There was talk of a new album being recorded and released by June 2008. A live accompanying DVD was also mentioned. On 23 November 2008 a bulletin was posted on their MySpace page stating that they were working on an album and hoping to release it early the next year.[7] Still no album appeared, but finally in March 2010 the record Friendship was released.[8]

In May 2014, it emerged that two of the members, Egan and Bolger were living in Malmö in Sweden and had formed a new band called Dimman. Their first 2 Track EP was released on 21 May 2014.[9]



Extended plays[edit]


  • TRM1 (2000)

In Hindsight
Eugene's Hot Lunch

  • TRM2 (2000)

He Threw Down His Rifle and Ran

  • TRM3 (2001)

Go Goat Go
Bringing Back The Buffalo

  • TRM4 (2001)

Hit Him In The Belly With A Hammer

  • TRM5 (2002)

Loopy Lou Meet Jimmy Joe
OK Frenchie
Pat Sherrill's Jokes


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