The Reef Hotel Casino

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The Reef Hotel Casino

The Reef Hotel Casino or Pullman Reef Hotel Casino is the only casino in Cairns, Queensland.

The hotel has 128 hotel rooms[1] and is jointly owned by Casinos Austria International Limited and Accor Casino Investments (Australia) Pty. Ltd.[2]

The complex features a central LED pillar and interactive floor which is prominent next to BAR36. The bar hosts free live entertainment 6 nights a week and serves food from 4pm-8pm every night.[3] The Reef Hotel Casino also houses the Merchant Artisan Food & Coffee cafe plus four restaurants: Tamarind, Café China Noodle Bar (in the former Cairns Customs House), Cafe China Restaurant and Flinders Bar & Grill.[4][5] It also hosts the Cairns Zoom & Wildlife Dome on the rooftop.[6]


  • January 1992. The Queensland Government called for submissions from interested parties to build and operate a casino in Cairns.[7]
  • January 1996. Casino licence granted. Reef Casino Hotel commenced trading on 31 January.[7]


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