The Refugees (novel)

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The Refugees
A Tale of Two Continents
The Refugees by Arthur Conan Doyle, 1898 frontispiece.jpg
Frontispiece: The "Grand Lever" of the King
AuthorArthur Conan Doyle
IllustratorT. de Thulstrup
CountryUnited Kingdom
GenreHistorical novel
PublisherHarper & Brothers
Publication date
Media typePrint (Hardback)
Preceded by"Lot No. 249
Followed byJane Annie, or the Good Conduct Prize 

The Refugees (1893) is a historical novel by British writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.[1]


It revolves around Amory de Catinat, a Huguenot guardsman of Louis XIV, and Amos Green, an American who comes to visit France. Major themes include Louis XIV's marriage to Madame de Maintenon, retirement from court of Madame de Montespan, the revoking of the Edict of Nantes (1685) and the subsequent emigration of the Huguenot de Catinats to America.


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