The Remix Wars: Strike 3 – 16 Volt vs. Hate Dept

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The Remix Wars:
Strike 3 – 16 Volt vs. Hate Dept
Remix wars 16volt hatedept.jpg
Remix album by 16 Volt and Hate Dept.
Recorded 1996
Genre Industrial Metal, Industrial rock
Length 28:16
Label 21st Circuitry
Producer 16 Volt, Hate Dept.
16 Volt and Hate Dept. chronology
The Remix Wars: Strike 2
The Remix Wars: Strike 3
The Remix Wars: Strike 4

The Remix Wars, Strike 3: 16 Volt vs. Hate Dept. is the 3rd remix album released by 21st Circuitry Records. It features three songs by each artist, remixed by the other artist. Stiched was originally recorded on 16 Volt's second album Skin. Dreams of Light and Motorskill were both originally recorded on their first album Wisdom. All three songs by the Hate Dept. (Defensive, Start Digging and Drive:a) came from their debut album Meat.Your.Maker.

Track listing[edit]

16 Volt remixed by Hate Dept.
No. Title Length
1. "Stitched (Face-Rip)"   3:44
2. "Dreams of Light (Nightmare)"   4:57
3. "Motorskill (Quad)"   4:49

Hate Dept. remixed by 16 Volt
No. Title Length
4. "Defensive (Loose and Trash Mix)"   3:52
5. "Start Digging (The Giver/The Taker)"   5:35
6. "Drive:a (Netmix)"   5:19

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