The Remote Viewer

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The Remote Viewer
Studio album by
Released2002 May
LabelThreshold House
Coil chronology
Moons Milk (In Four Phases)
The Remote Viewer
The Golden Hare with a Voice of Silver

The Remote Viewer was originally released in CD-R format by Coil. The three-track album was released in 2002 May in an edition of 500 copies, the first three of which were signed and numbered, then auctioned off. The album was later re-edited by Peter Christopherson and expanded to include a second CD of two new tracks. The second edition was released in August 2006 on the same day as the expanded version of Black Antlers. Both reissues were mastered by Mark Godwin, printed in Thailand and feature high quality images and packaging. Although the original edition did not include a catalog number, the reissue was given a catalog number of THBKK1. Both reissues are currently available at the official Coil website,[1]

It is noted that the second disc of the Threshold House edition was "created in 2006 using original materials".[2]


Jhonn Balance
Peter Christopherson
Ossian Brown
Cliff Stapleton
Mike York

Written & produced by Coil & Danny Hyde.
"Sympathetically Remastered" by Mark Godwin.

Track listing[edit]

1st edition[edit]

  1. "Remote Viewing 1" – 19:31
  2. "Remote Viewing 2" – 7:59
  3. "Remote Viewing 3" – 21:13

2nd edition[edit]

"Disc 1":

  1. "Remote Viewing 1" – 19:33
  2. "Remote Viewing 2" – 7:57
  3. "Remote Viewing 3" - 21:13

"Disc 2":

  1. "Remote Viewing 4" – 9:53
  2. "Remote Viewing 5" – 9:26


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