The Rerun Show

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The Rerun Show
Genre Sketch comedy/parody
Created by David Salzman
John Davies
Directed by Bruce Leddy
Starring Paul Vogt
Daniele Gaither
Brian Beacock
Danielle Hoover
Ashley Eckstein
Candy Ford
Donald Gene Reed
Mitch Silpa
Composer(s) Scott Clausen
Rich Ragsdale
Jonathan Wolff
Country of origin  United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 7
Executive producer(s) John Davies
David Salzman
Producer(s) Bruce Leddy
Annette Sahakian Davis
Roxie Wenk Evans
Running time 30 mins.
Production company(s) David Salzman Enterprises
John Davies Productions
NBC Studios
Columbia TriStar Domestic Television
Distributor Sony Pictures Television
Original network NBC
Audio format Stereo
Original release August 1 – August 20, 2002

The Rerun Show is an American sketch comedy television series that aired on NBC from August 1, 2002 until August 20, 2002. VH1 also aired the show on Friday nights at 11:30 P.M. The series was created by John Davies and David Salzman.


The show spoofed many popular classics including The Jeffersons, The Facts of Life, Married... with Children, What's Happening!!, Saved by the Bell, Diff'rent Strokes, Bewitched, The Partridge Family and One Day at a Time. Each episode consisted of two sitcom parodies poking fun at the actors who originally played the roles while twisting the original episodes' subtext.[1]

The series started with strong ratings, debuting in the Top 10.[2] However, ratings soon dropped off and NBC canceled the series after seven episodes. Cast members Paul Vogt and Daniele Gaither would later join the cast of MADtv during seventh through eleventh seasons.


Guest stars[edit]


Title Air date
1 "Diff'rent Strokes: The Rivals /
The Partridge Family: Keith and Lauriebelle"
1 August 2002
2 "The Facts of Life: Shoplifting /
The Jeffersons: A Bedtime Story"
6 August 2002
3 "What's Happening!!: Rerun Gets Married /
Bewitched: Divided He Falls"
8 August 2002
4 "Saved by the Bell: Jessie's Song /
The Jeffersons: Florence in Love"
13 August 2002
5 "One Day at a Time: Pressure /
Saved by the Bell: Miss Bayside"
15 August 2002
6 "The Partridge Family: My Son, the Feminist /
Married... with Children: The Dance Show"
20 August 2002
7 "Married... with Children: Weenie Tot Lovers & Other Strangers /
Bewitched: A Bunny for Tabitha"
20 August 2002


  • Episode 1 (2002-08-01) - 9.4 million viewers
  • Episode 2 (2002-08-06) - 5.8 million
  • Episode 3 (2002-08-08) - 6.6 million
  • Episode 4 (2002-08-13) - 5.0 million
  • Episode 5 (2002-08-15) - 5.9 million
  • Episode 6 (2002-08-20) - 4.7 million
  • Episode 7 (2002-08-20) - 4.5 million


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