The Restarts

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The Restarts
Origin London, England
Genres Street Punk
Years active 1995–present
Associated acts Armed and Hammered
UK Subs
The Varukers

The Restarts are a street punk band from London, England.[1]

The band was formed in 1995 in London with Darragh O'Neill on drums, Kieran Plunkett from Armed and Hammered on bass guitar, and Mik Useless on the guitar. They played many shows in the UK as a trio until Useless left, at which point Alan Campbell joined the band. With Campbell on guitar they recorded their System Error CD, but due to his commitments to the UK Subs he had to leave. Then they found Robin[who?] from the Short Bus Window Lickers as their new guitarist.[2] They toured extensively in Europe and US. They have played with bands like Born/Dead, Limp Wrist, The Accüsed, Strychnine, Dr. Know and Monster Squad.


  • Kieran Plunkett - bass guitar/vocals
  • Robin[who?] - guitar/vocals
  • Jeremy Hayet (Petit Pois) - drums

Former members[edit]

  • Mik Useless - guitar, vocals, artwork (1995–2002)
  • Darragh O'Neill - drums (1995–2008)
  • Alan Campbell - guitars and backing vocals on System Error (2003)
  • Bram[who?] - drums/vocals (2008-2015)


  • Jobclub demo (1996)
  • Frustration EP (1996)
  • Just Gets Worse EP (1997)
  • State Rape split twelve inch with Zero Tolerance (1998)
  • Your World split seven inch with Broken (1999)
  • Legacy of Bigotry split seven inch with Left for Dead (2000)
  • State Rape split CD with Fleas and Lice (2002)
  • Slumworld CD/LP (2002)
  • Actively Seeking Work compilation CD (2003)
  • System Error CD/LP (2003)
  • Outsider CD (2007)
  • Mobocracy split CD with Millions of Dead Cops (2009)
  • A Sickness of the Mind CD (2013)


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