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The Return of Superman
The Return of Superman newest logo starting from episode 117.
Also known asSuperman Is Back
Superman Returns
Hangul슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다
GenreReality television
Created byKBS
StarringLee Dong-Gook
Sam Hammington
Ko Ji-yong
Park Joo-ho
Jang Beom-june
Narrated byLee Su-ji [ko]
Do Kyung-wan [ko]
Opening themeSuperman: Main Title March
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes269 (As of March 17, 2019) (list of episodes)
Producer(s)Kang Bong-gyu
Production location(s)South Korea, Japan
Camera setupMulticamera setup
Running timeEp. 1–15 (85 minutes)
Ep. 16–21 (95 minutes)
Ep. 22–present (100 minutes)
Production company(s)Koen Media Corporation
DistributorKBS World
Original networkKBS2
Picture format1080i
Audio formatStereo
Original releaseSeptember 19, 2013 (2013-09-19) –
Preceded byStar Family Show Mamma Mia (패밀리쇼 맘마미아)
Related showsHappy Sunday
다녀오겠습니다 (KBS Joy)
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The Return of Superman (Hangul슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다; also known as Superman Is Back) is a South Korean reality-variety show that airs on KBS2. The Return of Superman is one of the two segments (the other segment is 1 Night 2 Days) on Happy Sunday. The original 3 episodes pilot aired as a Chuseok holiday special from September 19 till September 21 of 2013, starring Lee Hwi-jae, Choo Sung-hoon, Jang Hyun-sung, The show is narrated by actress Yoo Ho-jeong and also includes entertainer Lee Hyun-woo and his two sons.

KBS announced on Oct 17, 2013 that The Return of Superman will officially become part of the Happy Sunday lineup starting on November 3, 2013. The show replaces Star Family Show Mamma Mia, which was moved to Wednesday nights.[1]


Celebrity dads are left to care of their kids alone for 48 hours without the help of anyone, while their wives leave the home to enjoy some relaxing time off.[2] The wives are shown leaving the home before the 48 hours begins and coming back to greet their family once the 48 hours have ended. During the 48 hours the dads and children are either doing a task the wives have written out for the dads to complete, or the dads are exploring new activities with their kids. Occasionally celebrity friends of the dads will stop by to interact with the kids.[3][4][5]


The show is filmed with set up cameras and cameraman hiding in tents and playhouses in each of the celebrities' actual home. Family and friends of the celebrity dads will occasionally show up in episodes. In each episode, as the show moves from one family to the next, a brief narration by the narrator is given to introduce the next segment of the episode.

During each individual family segment the parents (husband and wife), with the exception of Junu, Junseo and Haru who were old enough to answer questions when they started the show, would give a talking head interview while being asked questions by the shows PDs (producers) about the current situation being aired.


Current cast[edit]

*Child is listed from oldest to youngest. Families are listed in order of appearance on the show.

Duration Dad Children Mom/Wife Filming location
Ep 89–Present
Lee Dong-gook 7
Professional Football (Soccer) player
Daughter: Lee Jae-si
DOB: (2007-08-14) August 14, 2007 (age 11) (Fraternal twin)
Lee Soo-jin
Housewife/former Miss Korea contestant
Songdo, Incheon, South Korea
Daughter: Lee Jae-ah
DOB: (2007-08-14) August 14, 2007 (age 11) (Fraternal twin)
Daughter: Lee Seol-ah
DOB: (2013-07-18) July 18, 2013 (age 5) (Fraternal twin)
Daughter: Lee Soo-ah
DOB: (2013-07-18) July 18, 2013 (age 5) (Fraternal twin)
Son: Lee Si-an (Daebak-i.e.)
DOB: (2014-11-14) November 14, 2014 (age 4)
Ep 154–Present
Sam Hammington
Television Personality
Son: William Hammington (Jung Tae-oh)
DOB: (2016-07-12) July 12, 2016 (age 2)
Jung Yu-mi
EunpyungGu, Seoul, South Korea
Son: Bentley Hammington (Jung Woo-sung)
DOB: (2017-11-08) November 8, 2017 (age 16 months)
Ep 163–Present
Ko Ji-yong
Businessman/Former Idol-Singer
Son: Ko Seung-jae
DOB: (2014-10-06) October 6, 2014 (age 4)
Heo Yang-lim
Bangbae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Ep 239-Present
Park Joo-ho
Professional Football (Soccer) player
Daughter: Park Na-eun (Eden)
DOB: (2015-05-11) May 11, 2015 (age 3)
Anna Park
Ulsan, South Korea
Son: Park Geon-hoo (Aciel)
DOB: (2017-08-21) August 21, 2017 (age 18 months)
Ep 268-Present
Jang Beom-june
Daughter: Jang Jo-ah
DOB: (2014-07-26) July 26, 2014 (age 4)
Song Seung-ah
Seoul, South Korea
Son: Jang Ha-da
DOB: (2017-09-19) September 19, 2017 (age 18 months)
Duration Narrator
Episode 253–255, 258–present
Lee Su-ji[6]
Do Kyung-wan[6]

Former cast[edit]

*Families and narrators are listed in order of exiting the show.

Duration Dad Children Mom/Wife Filming location
Chuseok Special Part 1–3
Lee Hyun-woo
Son: Lee Dong-ha
DOB: September 2009
Yi Je-ni
Museum Curator[7]
Seoul, South Korea
Son: Lee Ju-ha
DOB: April 2011
Ep 25–31
Kim Jung-tae
Son: Kim Ji-hoo (Yakkung)
DOB: February 2011[8]2
Jeon Yeo-jin
University Professor
Busan, South Korea
Chuseok Special Part 1–3
Ep 1–33
Jang Hyun-sung
Son: Jang Jun-woo (Junu)
DOB: (2003-07-17) July 17, 2003 (age 15)
Yang Huijeong
Bakery Owner
Seoul, South Korea
Son: Jang Jun-seo
DOB: (2007-07-29) July 29, 2007 (age 11)
Ep 32–39
Do Kyung-wan
News Anchor
Son: Do Yeon-woo (Kkom-kkomyi)
DOB: (2014-06-13) June 13, 2014 (age 4)
Jang Yoon-jung
Trot Singer
Seoul, South Korea
Ep 1–58
Daughter: Lee Ha-ru
DOB: (2010-05-02) May 2, 2010 (age 8)
Kang Hye-jung
Seoul, South Korea
Ep 59–103
Uhm Tae-woong
Daughter: Uhm Ji-on
DOB: (2013-06-18) June 18, 2013 (age 5)
Yoon Hye-jin
Opo-eup, Gwangju, Gyeonggi, South Korea
Ep 34–116, 156
Song Il-gook
Son: Song Dae-han
DOB: (2012-03-16) March 16, 2012 (age 7) (Fraternal triplet)
Jung Seung-yeon
High Court Judge5
Songdo, Incheon, South Korea
Son: Song Min-guk
DOB: (2012-03-16) March 16, 2012 (age 7) (Fraternal triplet)
Son: Song Man-se
DOB: (2012-03-16) March 16, 2012 (age 7) (Fraternal triplet)
Chuseok Special Part 1–3
Ep 1–122, 155–160, 203-205
Choo Sung-hoon
MMA Fighter
Daughter: Choo Sa-rang
DOB: (2011-10-24) October 24, 2011 (age 7)[10]
Shiho Yano
Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Ep 127–Ep 162
Yang Dong-geun
Actor/Hip-hop artist
Son: Yang Joon-seo
DOB: (2013-03-28) March 28, 2013 (age 5)
Park Ga-ram
Office Worker/Former Music Video Model
Samseong-dong, Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea
Daughter: Yang Joy
DOB: (2015-10-11) October 11, 2015 (age 3)
Ep 129–Ep 162
Oh Ji-ho
Daughter: Oh Seo-heun (Jibong-i.e.)
DOB: (2015-12-30) December 30, 2015 (age 3)
Eun Bo-ah
Fashion Designer
Seongsu-dong, Seongdong, Seoul, South Korea

Ep 117–182

Lee Beom-soo
Daughter: Lee So-eul
DOB: (2011-03-01) March 1, 2011 (age 8)
Lee Yoon-jin
English interpreter
Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea
Son: Lee Da-eul
DOB: (2014-02-21) February 21, 2014 (age 5)
2016, 2017
Ep 130-162 (regular)
Ep 194 (special appearances)
In Gyo-jin
Daughter: In Ha-eun
DOB: (2015-12-04) December 4, 2015 (age 3)
So Yi-hyun
Jayang-dong, Gwangjin, Seoul, South Korea Namyang-ju, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Ep 114–210
Ki Tae-young
Daughter: Kim Ro-hee
DOB: (2015-04-12) April 12, 2015 (age 3)
Seoul, South Korea
Chuseok Special Part 1–3
Ep 1–220
Lee Hwi-jae
Son: Lee Seo-eon
DOB: (2013-03-15) March 15, 2013 (age 6) (Fraternal twin)
Moon Jeong-won
Dongcheon-dong, South Korea (Episode 1 - 176)[11]

Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea (Episode 176 - 220)

Son: Lee Seo-jun
DOB: (2013-03-15) March 15, 2013 (age 6) (Fraternal twin)
Ep. 221–259
Bong Tae-gyu
Son: Bong Si-ha
DOB: (2015-12-01) December 1, 2015 (age 3)
Hasisi Park
Seoul, South Korea
Daughter: Bong Bon-bi (Bonvie)
DOB: (2018-05-21) May 21, 2018 (age 9 months)
Duration Narrator
Chuseok Special Part 1–2
Yoo Ho-jeong
Ep 1–27
Chae Sira
Ep 28–37
Shin Ae-ra
Ep 38–59
Heo Su-gyeong4
Ep 93
Yoona of Girls' Generation
Ep 96
Yoo In-na
Ep 97
Jang Hyun-sung
Ep 185–188
Kim Hyo-Jin
Ep 60–226
Jung Hye-young6
Episode 227–233
Oh Sang-jin
Kim So-young
Episode 234–249
Do Kyung-wan[12]
Jang Yun-jeong[12]

^Note 1 :First appearance on episode 20 & 21. Officially joined cast starting episode 25.
^Note 2 :Kim Jung-tae's younger son Kim Si-hyun, who was only 2 months old when they started filming for the show will not be part of the show.
^Note 3 :See "Controversies" section.
^Note 4 :Heo Su-gyeong previously guest starred with her daughter Byeol on episode 24 during Lee Hwi-jae's segment.
^Note 5 :Song Il-kook wife Jeong Seung-yeon face is blurred whenever she appears on the show to protect her identity due to her occupation as a High Court Judge. She also does not participate in the talking head interviews like the other Moms/Wives of other cast families.
^Note 6 :Jung Hye-young's husband Sean from Jinusean previously appeared in numerous episodes of the show during former cast member Tablo and Haru's segment. Also all four of her children along with her husband appeared on episode 52 during Song Il-kook's segment.
^Note 7 :Lee Dong-gook previously guest starred on episode 40 during Lee Hwi-jae's segment.
^Note 8 :Lee Hwi-jae and his family moved back to Seoul, shown on episode 175 in order to be closer to his ailing father who is suffering from dementia.

Special cast[edit]

Duration Dad Children Mom/Wife Filming location
Ep 184
Robert Kelly
University Professor/Political Analyst
Daughter: Marion Kelly (Ye-na)
DOB: (2013-03-09) March 9, 2013 (age 6)
Kim Jung-a
Housewife/former Yoga Instructor[13]
Busan, South Korea
Son: James Kelly (Yu-seop)
DOB: (2016-06-29) June 29, 2016 (age 2)
Ep 185–186
Park Gun-hyung
Son: Park Yi-jun
DOB: (2015-06-10) June 10, 2015 (age 3)
Lee Chae-rim
Office Worker
Seoul, South Korea
Ep 191–192
Daughter: Shin-Yi Ro-woon
DOB: (2016-03-04) March 4, 2016 (age 3)
Lee Young-bin
Dance Director
Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Ep 130-162 (regular)
Ep 194 (special appearances)
In Gyo-jin
Daughter: In Ha-eun
DOB: (2015-12-04) December 4, 2015 (age 3)
So Yi-hyun
Jayang-dong, Gwangjin, Seoul, South Korea Namyang-ju, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Ep 195
Hong Kyung-min
Daughter: Hong Ra-won
DOB: (2016-04-21) April 21, 2016 (age 2)
Kim Yuna
Haegeum Musician
Seoul, South Korea
Ep 202–203
Viktor Ahn
Short-track Speed-skater Athlete
Daughter: Jane Ahn
DOB: (2015-12-29) December 29, 2015 (age 3)
Woo Na-ri
Moscow, Russia
Ep 213–214
Park Hyun-bin
Trot singer
Son: Park Ha-joon
DOB: (2017-05-11) May 11, 2017 (age 22 months)
Kim Joo-hee
University Student/Housewife
Seoul, South Korea
Ep 224–225
Moon Sung-min
Volleyball Player
Son: Moon Si-ho
DOB: (2016-02-09) February 9, 2016 (age 3)
Park Jin-ah
Housewife/Former Model
Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Son: Moon Ri-ho
DOB: (2018-01-16) January 16, 2018 (age 14 months)
Ep 227–228
Jo Jung-chi
Daughter: Jo Eun-Yi
DOB: (2017-02-28) February 28, 2017 (age 2)
Choi Jung-in
Seoul, South Korea
Ep 231–232
Kang Hyung-wook
Businessman/Certified Dog Trainer
Son: Kang Ju-woon
DOB: (2017-11-20) November 20, 2017 (age 15 months)
Susan Elder
Seoul, South Korea
Ep 235-236
Yang Joon-mu
Son: Yang No-ah
DOB: (2016-10-03) October 3, 2016 (age 2)
Former Idol Singer
Seoul, South Korea
Son: Yang Si-ohn
DOB: (2018-06-16) June 16, 2018 (age 9 months)
Ep 252-253, 265
Jo Sung-mo
Son: Jo Bong-yeon
DOB: (2015-10-25) October 25, 2015 (age 3)
Goo Min-ji
Former Model/Designer
Seoul, South Korea
Ep 264
Shim Ji-ho
Son: Shim Yi-an
DOB: (2014-05-20) May 20, 2014 (age 4)
Housewife/Graduate University Student [14]
Seoul, South Korea
Daughter: Shim Yi-el
DOB: (2017-11-21) November 21, 2017 (age 15 months)


Cast history[edit]

  • Lee Hyun-woo could not participate in the show when it was picked up on Happy Sunday due to conflicting schedule.
  • Yoo Ho-jeong was the original narrator for episode 1 and 2 of the Chuseok Special, there was no narrator for episode 3 of the special episodes.
  • Tablo and his daughter Haru joined the cast starting from episode 1 of season 1 to replace Lee Hyun-woo's spot.[15]
  • Chae Sira became the narrator starting from season 1, her last episode was the 27th. Chae decided to leave the show due to her conflicting schedule.
  • Kim Jung-tae and his son Ji-hoo (Yakkung) guest starred on episodes 20 and 21 as part of Jang Hyun-sung's segment, the two were invited to officially join the cast because of the show's extended time slot.[16]
  • Shin Ae-ra took over as narrator starting from episode 28. She was approached to join the show because of her reputation as a caring mother in real life.[17]
  • Kim Jung-tae and his son Yakkung opted to leave the show following controversy of them attending a campaign rally for a local politician. Episode 31 is their last.
  • Jang Yoon-jung and Do Kyung-wan will be guest cast from episode 32. They will fill the spot left open by the departure of Kim Jung-tae and his son Yakkung. The couple will chronicle the birth of their son.[18]
  • Jang Hyun-sung's agency announced on June 24, 2014 that the actor and his sons would be leaving the show due to conflicting schedule with filming his drama Ceci Bon and movie Love Wins. He and his family last appearance is episode 33.[19]
  • Song Il-kook was announced on June 25, 2014 to be joining the cast of Superman along with his triplet sons. Their first episode will air on July 6.[20]
  • It was announced on July 20 that Shin Ae-ra would be stepping down as the narrator of the show to concentrate on her studies in the United States. Her last episode will be the 37th. Heo Su-gyeong, who previously guest starred on the show will be taking over as the narrator.[21]
  • On December 1, 2014, Tablo and his daughter Haru announced that both will be leaving the show due to Tablo's conflicting schedule with promoting his music career and filming the show. Episode 58 will be their last.[22]
  • Actor Uhm Tae-woong was announced on December 1, 2014 to be joining the show with his daughter Uhm Ji-on. The new father/daughter duo will be taking the place of exiting cast family Tablo and Haru.[23]
  • A press release was issued on January 6, 2015 announcing actress and wife of Sean from Jinusean, Jung Hye-young as the narrator of the show starting from episode 60. No reason was given for the exiting of most current narrator Heo Su-gyeong.[24]
  • On July 13, 2015 KBS confirmed professional soccer player Lee Dong-gook will be joining the cast part-time with his five children.[25]
  • On October 14, 2015, the shows PD Kang Bong Kyu, confirmed that actor Uhm Tae-woong and his family will be leaving the show so that he and his wife can concentrate on the main careers as an actor and ballerina.[26] When Uhm Tae-woong's wife Yoon Hye-jin, appeared on the variety show "Taxi" in November 2015 she further clarified another reason was that they didn't want Jion growing up in the spotlight thinking she was privileged.[27]
  • On December 21, 2015, KBS announced that Song Il-gook and the triplets will be leaving the show for an undisclosed reason. Episode 116 will be their last.[28]
  • On December 9, 2015 the PD's of the show confirmed that actor Ki Tae Young had started filming for show. His family replaces Uhm Tae Woong's who had recently left the show.[29]
  • On January 27, 2016, it was confirmed that actor Lee Beom-soo would be joining the show. His family will be taking over the slot of Song Il-gook's family after they leave the show sometime in February.[30]
  • In later February 2016 an insider informed the media that Choo Sung Hoon and his daughter Sarang would be leaving the show. PD of the show did not confirm the news because Choo and his family did not finish filming yet. On February 28, 2016 it was confirmed the Choos will be leaving the show after Sung Hoon's wife Shiho Yano posted an invite for fans to attend their final filming on her Instagram account.[31] The Choos last episode will air in late March 2016. With Choo Sung Hoon leaving the show, Lee Hwi Jae remains the only original cast member since the show premiered.
  • On April 22, 2016, KBS revealed that actors Oh Ji-ho, In Gyo-jin and Yang Dong-geun and their respective children would be joining the show. Yang Dong-geun's first episode will be on Episode 127 while Oh Ji-ho and In Gyo-jin's will be on Episode 129 and 130 respectively.[32]
  • On October 2016, it was announced that Sam Hammington and his son William would be joining the show. Their first episode will be on Episode 154.[33]
  • On November 2016, it was revealed that singer Ko Ji-young would be joining the show. Their first episode will be on Episode 163.[34]
  • On May 10, 2017, it was announced that actor Lee Beom-soo and his kids would be leaving the show in order for Lee to focus on directing his film. Episode 182 will be their last.[35] Lee had originally joined the program as a way to spend time with his children while he recovered from his leg injury.
  • During the previews at the end of episode 183, Professor Robert Kelly of Pusan National University were shown as the new family joining the show. The Kelly family rose to popularity when his young children's crashed his live interview with the BBC and the video of the incident went viral.[36]

Relationships and Profiles[edit]

*Details based on the show.


Un-aired X-files[edit]

The X-files are film clips that didn't make it to broadcast on the regular program. These clips can be seen on Korean paid subscription web streaming site Cable TV VOD. The clips are narrated by different guests each time, such as Lee Hyeri from Korean girls idol group Girl's Day.


LG is the main sponsor of the show. All the "Superman" families prominently display or use the LG's S Homeboy tablet made by Samsung throughout each episode. Besides the S Homeboy tablet, each Superman family use or display products they individually endorse on the show.[37]

NOTE: These are only products shown on the show. Not a complete list of each cast member endorsements.


  • On June 5, 2014 netizens on the forum site Daum Agora started a petition to have Kim Jung-tae and his son Yakkung removed from the show due to him and his son attending an election campaign on June 1, 2014 for Na Dong-yeon who is a candidate for Gyung-Nam, Yangsan mayor. Na Dong-yeon later released a statement apologizing to Kim Jung-tae and his son Yakkung for the controversy and assured people that the actor and his son was not there to campaign for him.[49] On June 10 a rep for Kim Jung-tae confirmed that he and his son Yakkung have decided to leave the show following the political controversy.[50]
  • In June 2014, an article was published voicing netizens complaints of the show overly promoting YG Entertainment artistes since there were too many guest stars under YG's management for Jang Hyun-sung and Tablo's segments, which both are also under YG's management.[51][52]
  • On episode 42 which aired on August 31, 2014 producers took a jab at rival show "Dad! Where Are We Going?" with captions shown during Tablo's segment.[53]
  • Viewers voiced their complaints of the mothers showing up on the show too frequently. The complaints were targeted at Tablo's family due to his wife Hyejung appearing entirely during their segment from episodes 52 to 53.[54]
  • Viewers voiced their complaints about editing regarding a scene in episode 53 where Song triplets Daehan and Manse are fighting over a toy. The viewers complained that the caption and editing didn't show the true facts of what happened.[55]
  • On April 22, 2015, an owner of a venue that the show production team had scouted, posted on the shows official forum claiming staff from the show had reserved his venue last minute and then abruptly cancelled the shoot, disregarding for his loss of profit he had taken in order to accommodate the show. After a formal apology was issued by the shows producers the misunderstanding was settled.[56]
  • In July 2015, the announcement of Lee Dong-gook and his family joining the show was met with negativity and complaints from fans of Song Il-kook and his triplet sons. Fans of Song and his sons saw it as a sign that Song and his family would be leaving the show and complained on KBS's forum about adding the new family and KBS offering Song an upcoming drama role as a reason for Song to leave the variety show. KBS assured Song's fans that the decision for him and his family to leave the show was made entirely of their own accord.[57][58]

International version[edit]

In April 2014, China's Zhejiang Television (ZJTV) began airing a Chinese version of The Return of Superman called Dad is Back starring former Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit member Wu Chun, film producer Zhong Lei Wang, actor Jia Nailiang, and former gymnast Li Xiapeng.[59] The show is in collaboration with the producers of the Korean KBS version and follows the same concept as the Korean version with the exception of a narrator. The title of the Chinese version was renamed in order to clear up plagiarism rumors.[60] In March 2017, Thailand Channel 7 began airing a Thai version of The Return of Superman called The Return of Superman Thailand.[61]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Result Ref.
2013 12th KBS Entertainment Awards Top Entertainer Award Choo Sung-hoon Won [62]
Best Male Newcomer in a Variety Show Jang Hyun-sung Nominated
Producer's Special Award Lee Hwi-jae Won
Excellence Award, Male Entertainer in a Variety Show Choo Sung-hoon Nominated
Tablo Nominated
Top Excellence Award, Male Entertainer in a Variety Show Choo Sung-hoon Nominated
Tablo Nominated
Mobile TV Popularity Award Choo Sa-rang, Jang Jun-woo & Jun-seo,
Lee Haru, Lee Seo-eon & Seo-jun
Viewer's Choice Program of the Year The Return of Superman Nominated
Best Eater Choo Sarang Nominated
2014 50th Paeksang Arts Awards Best Entertainment Program The Return of Superman Nominated
13th KBS Entertainment Awards Viewer's Choice Program of the Year Won [63]
Top Excellence Award, Male Entertainer in a Variety Show Choo Sung-hoon Won
Producer's Special Award Lee Hwi-jae Won
Song Il-gook Won
Mobile TV Popularity Award Choo Sa-rang, Lee Haru, Lee Seo-eon &
Seo-jun, Song Dae-han, Min-guk & Man-se
Best Scriptwriter Kim Jung-sun Won
2015 51st Paeksang Arts Awards Best Entertainment Program The Return of Superman Nominated
14th KBS Entertainment Awards Viewer's Choice Program of the Year Nominated [64]
Male MC Newcomer Award Lee Dong-gook Nominated
Best Entertainer – Entertainment Category Won
Hot Issue – Variety Show Star Award Choo Sung-hoon Won
Excellence Award – Male Variety Category Song Il-gook Won
Grand Prize (Daesang) Lee Hwi-jae Won
2016 15th KBS Entertainment Awards Viewer's Choice Program of the Year The Return of Superman Nominated [65]
Mobile TV Popularity Award Lee So-eul & Da-eul, Lee Seo-eon
& Seo-jun, Lee Jae-si, Jae-ah, Soo-ah,
Seol-ah & Si-an, Kim Ro-Hee,
Yang Joy, Oh Seo-heun, In Ha-eun
Excellence Award – Male Variety Category Ki Tae-young & Lee Beom-soo Won
Top Excellence Award – Male Variety Category Lee Dong-gook Won
Grand Prize (Daesang) Lee Hwi-jae Nominated
2018 16th KBS Entertainment Awards Mobile TV Popularity Award Lee Jae-si, Jae-ah, Soo-ah,
Seol-ah & Si-an, William Hammington, Bentley Hammington, Ko Seung-jae, Bong Si-ha, Bong Bon-bi, Park Na-eun, Park Geon-hoo
Won [66]
Hot Issue Variety Award Bong Tae-gyu Won
Top Excellence Award – Male Variety Category Sam Hammington Won
Excellence Award – Male Variety Category Ko Ji-yong Won
Grand Prize (Daesang) Lee Dong-gook Nominated

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