The Return of the Drifter

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The Return of the Drifter
Studio album by Jehst
Released 2002
Genre Hip hop
Length 36:58 minutes
Label Low Life
Producer Jehst, Harry Love
Jehst chronology
Premonitions EP
The Return of the Drifter
Falling Down
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
The-Mag 4.5/5 stars[1]
rapreviews (9/10) [2]

Return of the Drifter was Jehst's first full-length LP. The album was produced by Jehst, except for "Alcoholic Author" and "Staircase to Stage", which were produced by Harry Love. The Album is widely regarded to have included some of Jehst's finest music in terms of both lyrical content and production style. It features a widely regarded British Hip-Hop classic "People Under The Weather", featuring Asaviour, a longtime partner of Jehst (both spent their teens as close friends in Huddersfield).

Track listing[edit]

  1. "High Plains Anthem"
  2. "Skit"
  3. "City of Industry"
  4. "Bluebells"
  5. "1979"
  6. "The Trilogy" (featuring Ricochet and Tommy Evans)
  7. "Alcoholic Author"
  8. "Staircase to Stage" (featuring J-Zone)
  9. "The Return of the Drifter"
  10. "People Under the Weather" (featuring Asaviour)
  11. "The Trilogy" (remix) (featuring Chester P and Kyza)


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