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The Review of Economics and Statistics
Edited byOlivier Coibion, Raymond Fisman, Benjamin R. Handel, Rema N. Hanna, Brian A. Jacob, Shachar Kariv, Amit K. Khandelwal, and Xiaoxia Shi
Publication details
Former name(s)
The Review of Economic Statistics
3.636 (2018)
Standard abbreviations
ISO 4Rev. Econ. Stat.
ISSN0034-6535 (print)
1530-9142 (web)
OCLC no.181820356

The Review of Economics and Statistics is a peer-reviewed 103-year-old general journal that focuses on applied economics, with specific relevance to the scope of quantitative economics. The Review, edited at the Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government (JSTOR), has the long-term aim of publishing influential articles in mainly theoretical and empirical economics that will contribute to the broader readership in economics in both the present and the continual future.

Over the time, the journal has published several of the most significant articles in empirical economics (JSTOR) based on its recognizable history which includes works from “Kenneth Arrow, Milton Friedman, Robert Merton, Paul Samuelson, Robert Solow, and James Tobin” (MIT Press Direct). Occasionally, the Review also publishes a series of papers of collections of symposia dedicated to a particular topic of “methodological or empirical” interest (JSTOR).


The journal, founded initially as The Review of Economic Statistics at Harvard University in 1917, published its official “inaugural volume” in 1919 and was edited at the Harvard Kennedy School in 2002. The title of the journal changed to the Review of Economics and Statistics in 1948, explicitly starting from issue 30:1 (MIT Press Direct, “The Review of Economics and Statistics Celebrates 100 Years”).

As the first editor-in-chief of the Review, Charles J. Bullock has remarked in his Prefatory Statement to the first issue that “the purpose of the Review is to promote the collection, criticism, and interpretation of economic statistics, with a view to making them more accurate and valuable than they are at present for business and scientific purposes.” (Bullock)


Editors of the Review of Economics and Statistics are divided as members of the editorial board and other associate editors. General editors are responsible of processing and evaluating submitted review papers from reviewers, with the authority to either publish or reject them, or alternatively forward arguable reviews to editors on the board for clarification (ASHA Journals).

One of the past editors of the Review, Ambitabh Chandra, in an interview with the American Society of Health Economics (ASHEcon) provided his expertise on the journal’s process of evaluating submitted reviews, and specific suggestions of improvements for reviewers from his perspectives. In particular, he addressed

Editorial Board[edit]

Members of the Review’s editorial board are selected by all editors, including the publishers. They are a team with critical expertise on refining submitted content and promoting the journal to their fellow peers for the expansion of readership. The board generally goes through a total revision of members “every two or three years” (Elsevier).  

Below is a list of the current 2022 editors on the editorial board of the Review of Economics and Statistics:

  1. Pierre Azoulay, MIT
  2. Olivier Coibion, University of Texas, Austin
  3. Will Dobbie (Co-Chair), Harvard University
  4. Raymond Fisman (Co-Chair), Boston University
  5. Benjamin R. Handel, University of California, Berkeley
  6. Brian A. Jacob, University of Michigan
  7. Kareen Rozen, Brown University
  8. Xiaoxia Shi, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  9. Tavneet Suri, MIT
  10. Yi (Daniel) Xu, Duke University (MIT Press Direct)

Past editors since 1919[edit]

Below is a list of past editors on the Review of Economics and Statistics editorial board since the journal was first founded in 1919. Published in December 2018 (Volume 100, Issue 5) as a celebration of the journal’s 100th issue, MIT Press created the list in recognition and appreciation of the effort and contribution that all editors put in for the growth and continuation of the journal (The MIT Press).

Despite the general editorial duties, recently retired editors such as Asim I. Khwaja had been actively participating in the writing and editing of the “Review of Economics and Statistics over the Past 100 Years”, which is a journal article issued in October 2018 that investigated the changes and transformations that the Review experienced through the 100 years, providing a detailed summary of the Review’s overall evolution (Khwaja and Mangal).

List of Editors: 1919-2018
  • Charles J. Bullock [1919-1924]
  • Allyn A. Young [1921-1924]
  • Edmund E. Day [1921-1924]
  • Joseph S. Davis [1921-1924]
  • John H. Williams [1921-1924, 1939-1948]
  • Arthur E. Monroe [1921-1924]
  • Joseph L. Snider [1921-1924]
  • Warren M. Persons [1921-1928]
  • Elizabeth Boody [1923-1924]
  • William L. Crum [1928-1930, 1935-1947]
  • Edwin Frickey [1931]
  • Joseph B. Hubbard [1932-1934]
  • Arthur H. Cole [1935-1948]
  • Harold H. Burbank [1935-1948]
  • Seymour E. Harris [1935-1964]
  • Edward S. Mason [1935-1948]
  • Joseph A. Schumpeter [1935-1948]
  • John D. Black [1936-1948]
  • Gottfried von Haberler [1936-1948]
  • Alvin H. Hansen [1939-1948]
  • Sumner H. Slichter [1939-1948]
  • Wassily W. Leontief [1945-1948]
  • John Litner [1965]
  • Otto Eckstein [1966-1971]
  • Hendrick S. Houthakker [1972-1992]
  • Richard E. Caves [1992-1996]
  • Robert A. Moffitt [1992-1998]
  • James H. Stock [1992-2002]
  • C. Peter Timmer [1992-1995]
  • John Y. Campbell [1996-2002]
  • Robert S. Pindyck [1997-2002]
  • George J. Borjas [1999-2006]
  • K. Daron Acemoglu [2002-2007]
  • Dani Rodrik [2003-2008]
  • Julio J. Rotemberg [2003-2008]
  • Esther C. Duflo [2007]
  • Alberto Abadie [2007-2011]
  • Michael Greenstone [2007-2010]
  • Philippe Aghion [2008-2015]
  • Mark W. Watson [2008-2014]
  • Gordon Hanson [2011-2015]
  • Asim Ijaz Khwaja [2011-present]
  • Amitabh Chandra [2012-present]
  • David S. Lee [2012-2013]
  • Bryan S. Graham [2014-present]
  • Yuriy Gorodnichenko [2015-2017]
  • Emir Kamenica [2016-2017]
  • Amit K. Khandelwal [2016-present]
  • Brigitte Madrian [2016-2018]
  • Rohini Pande [2016-present]
  • Shschar Kariv [2016-present]
  • Olivier Coibion [2018-present]

Volumes & Issues[edit]

Comment on the change in the number of issues à from 4 to 5, insert tables to demonstrate

Volume – 1 volume per year

Notable papers[edit]

Most read[edit]

Date of Publication Vol & Issue Title of Article Author(s)
December 01 2018 100:5 Robots at Work Georg Graetz, Guy Michaels
November 01 2006 88:4 The Log of Gravity J.M.C. Santos Silva, Silvana Tenreyro
March 01 2022 104:2 Better, Faster, Stronger: Global Innovation and Trade Liberalization Federica Coelli, Andreas Moxnes, Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe
March 01 2022 104:2 Why Has the U.S. Economy Stagnated since the Great Recession? Yunjong Eo, James Morley
November 30 2021 103:5 Coronavirus Perceptions and Economic Anxiety Thiemo Fetzer, Lukas Hensel, Johannes Hermle, Christopher Roth

Most cited[edit]

Date of Publication Vol & Issue Title of Article Author(s)
November 01 2006 88:4 The Log of Gravity J.M.C. Santos Silva, Silvana Tenreyro
February 01 2002 84:1 Propensity Score-Matching Methods for Nonexperimental Causal Studies Rajeev H. Dehejia, Sadek Wahba
August 01 2008 90:3 Bootstrap-Based Improvements for Inference with Clustered Errors A. Colin Cameron, Jonah B. Gelbach, Douglas L. Miller
November 01 1998 80:4 Consistent Covariance Matrix Estimation with Spatially Dependent Panel Data John C. Driscoll, Aart C. Kraay
February 01 2004 86:1 Nonparametric Estimation of Average Treatment Effects Under Exogeneity: A Review Guido W. Imbens


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Note that prices are subject to change without notice beforehand, and subscriptions are entered for the volume year only. It is also required that all orders must be accompanied by payment via credit card (MasterCard, VISA, or American Express), check (must be drawn against U.S. bank in U.S. funds), or money order (cite MIT PRESS).

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Single Issues[edit]

Package Orders[edit]

Release schedule (2020-2022)[edit]

The release dates scheduled by the MIT Press Journals refer to the planned release of e-only and open access titles and the mailing dates of the printed journals for the Review. These dates are “subject to change” and only act as a reference (MIT Press Direct).

Note that although the shipping has been resumed up until now, since MIT Press Journals “paused the distribution of printed journals” between “April 21 and September 2, 2020”, the actual mail date is reflected below as the Release Date (MIT Press Direct).

The Review of Economics and Statistics Month Vol & Issue Scheduled Actual
2020 May 102:2 5/5/20 9/22/20
July 102:3 7/11/20 9/23/20
October 102:4 10/2/20 10/22/20
December 102:5 12/3/20 12/15/20

The latest list of scheduled release dates below includes dates after the printed editions are resumed to release:

The Review of Economics and Statistics Month Vol & Issue Scheduled Actual
2021 March 103:1 3/10/21 3/31/21
May 103:2 5/10/21 5/21/21
July 103:3 7/22/21 7/20/21
October 103:4 10/18/21 10/7/21
December 103:5 12/3/21 12/6/21
2022 January 104:1 1/20/22 1/13/22
March 104:2 3/17/22
May 104:3 5/11/22


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