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The Rich List
The Rich List Australia Logo.png
GenreGame show
Created by12 Yard
Presented byAndrew O'Keefe
Country of originAustralia
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes40
Production location(s)HSV-7 in South Melbourne, Victoria
Running time60 minutes
(Including commercials)
Original networkSeven Network
Picture format576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Audio formatStereo
Original release29 January 2007 –
14 January 2009
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The Rich List is an Australian game show which is based on the format initially created for transmission in the United Kingdom created by 12 Yard called Who Dares Wins (not to be confused with the stunt and dare show of the same name). The game consists of two teams who name as many items relating to a topic as they can while competing against each other for a no-limit cash prize. For its first season, it was shown on Monday nights at 7:30 pm on the Seven Network but initially moved to Saturday nights in the same timeslot for the second season, before being put on hiatus and returning to its original season-one timeslot.

The show premiered in its regular Monday timeslot on 29 January 2007 at 7:30 pm and continued with a special episode on 30 January to give people a chance to watch the show who opted to watch Steve Irwin's last documentary Ocean's Deadliest which went up against The Rich List on Monday the 29th on the rival station, the Nine Network. The show is recorded at the Melbourne Central City Studios. This version follows the basic rules of other versions of the show.

The program is hosted by the Deal or No Deal host Andrew O'Keefe. The pilot episode was taped on 18 October 2006. The show began taping episodes for air on 11 December 2006.

The first series of The Rich List ended on 25 June 2007, after a season of steady consistent ratings of 1.1-1.3 million viewers. A second series began airing 24 May 2008,[1] although just 721,000 viewers tuned into the season premiere episode, placing the Seven Network fourth out of five in its timeslot. After two episodes of poor ratings, the Seven Network initially pulled The Rich List from the schedule, but it returned from hiatus a few months later on 3 November 2008. The Rich List has been put back on hiatus from 14 January 2009; no new episodes have been produced since then.

The voice-over introducing the show is Marcus Irvine, notable for being the voice of past game show The Weakest Link.


The Gameplay is similar to the format used in the United Kingdom (although, despite the fact that an entire series was filmed with Eamonn Holmes as host, it has never been aired). It consists of two rounds. A best of three no money amount lists followed by "The Rich List" where a team can win $250,000 for completing each list with 15 answers. There is no limit to how many "Rich Lists" a team can partially or fully complete and therefore, teams are capable of winning an unlimited amount of money.

Best of three lists[edit]

Two teams of two players, one of which are the champions from the previous episode and the other are a new pair of challengers, are presented to the audience. The two teams, who have not met before the show, are placed in separate soundproof isolation booths, with audio that is turned on or off by the host. He announces the category for the list, such as "Wimbledon Men's Singles champions" or "Squares from a Monopoly board" then asks the challengers to place a bid on the number of items they must name to win the list. The host switches the audio on and off between the booths as the bidding continues. Note that if players do not feel they can bid higher than their opponents' bid, they can choose to bluff their bids (as the opponent side cannot hear the team's conversations) in an attempt to pressure the opponents to raise their bid further. The host turns both audios on when one team has challenged the other to fulfill the bid.

The challenged team must list in a row as many items as their bid in order to win the list. If the team makes one mistake along the way, the list is awarded to their opponents.

The first team to win two lists has won the best of three and goes on to play "The Rich List".


If each team wins one list apiece, a sudden death tiebreaker is played. The host gives the category, both booths are switched on, and the teams alternate their answers. In order to win the list and the best of three, one team must give an incorrect answer while the other team gives a correct answer. In case if both teams fail to name an item on the same turn, both teams get another chance to name another item. Should that fail, another tiebreaker list will be used to break the tie.

The Rich List[edit]

The winning team moves on to play "The Rich List" where Andrew gives the team a new category and the chance to supply up to 15 correct answers. Winnings increase after every third correct answer is given, according to the chart to the right.

If a wrong answer is given at any time, the team loses all accumulated money they won from that "Rich List", but all winnings from previous "Rich Lists" that the team may have completed are safe. After every third answer, they can choose to stop playing, winning all the money accumulated from the current "Rich List" or play on, until the team lists all fifteen answers, therefore winning $250,000. Regardless of the outcome, the team then returns to the isolated soundproof booths to play the game again against a new pair of opponents. Only a loss when playing "The Best of three lists" can eliminate teams from the show.


Many lists in the show are known to have mistakes or inaccurate information in them. The list about countries adopting the euro contained a country called "Holland", which is in fact a region of the Netherlands. There have also been other mistakes in lists such as "Island Nations" where the list included nations that share the land territory of the island with other nation-states, and "Top 20 countries with the most land area". A list of nation's common names beginning with B listed Bermuda, which is a British Overseas Territory, and Britain, which is the name of the islands off the western coast of Europe on which the United Kingdom, except Ireland, is situated. A list of countries beginning with A also accepted America, as it "is the way most Australians would say it", despite the country in question actually being called the United States of America. Lately, countries was replaced as Sovereign States to avoid any short naming (United States and America), confusion or partial duplicating (Great Britain and England).


The show's premiere on 29 January placed fourth in daily ratings and second in its timeslot Ocean's Deadliest on Nine Network, which aired at the same time as The Rich List, attracted about 250,000 more. However, the show performed better in the next episode. Despite attracting less viewers than 1 vs. 100 in the first few weeks, the show attracted 40,000 more viewers on 5 March.

The show is usually in the top 20 most watched programs each week according to ratings measuring company OzTAM.

Today Tonight aired a feature article on the Rich List and interviewed two contestants, Bec and a guy who named at least 15 British Prime Ministers. They won $250,000 but couldn't get the money until the episode was actually shown.

List of episodes[edit]

Season 1 (2007)[edit]

Episode # Air Date Lists Ratings
(Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth
rounded off to the nearest 10,000)
1 29 January 2007

Countries with coastlines bordering the Mediterranean Sea

Animated Disney Films 1980-2006 (including Pixar films)

Events in a decathlon Sudden Death

Wimbledon Gentlemen's Singles champions The Rich List

Celebrities that have appeared on the Australian Dancing with the Stars

Squares which appear on the UK Monopoly board

The 50 most populous cities in the United States The Rich List

2 30 January 2007

Australian prime ministers

Top 50 Test match cricket wicket takers

Gifts from "The Twelve Days of Christmas" Sudden Death

Elton John's hit singles, reaching Top 40 in Billboard Hot 100 The Rich List

The top 50 breeds of dog in Australia

Tom Cruise movies

Summer Olympic host cities The Rich List

3 5 February 2007

Recurring characters on The Muppet Show

50 most popular boys names

Films that won Best Oscar Picture 1970-2006 The Rich List

Countries starting with "B"

Beatles top hits

Bryce Courtenay novels (including novels co-authored) The Rich List

4 12 February 2007

Mel Gibson movies

50 most popular Irish surnames

50 top earning Australian sportstars of 2006 The Rich List

Recurring characters from M*A*S*H

Elvis Presley songs reaching the Australian Top 10 singles list

Songs from The Sound of Music soundtrack Sudden Death

The 30 most populous countries The Rich List

5 19 February 2007

Nicole Kidman movies

List of sovereign states ending in "ia" (present day countries only)

Australian Open Men's Singles champions The Rich List

Commonwealth or Empire games host cities

Queen songs from the stage musical We Will Rock You

American TV shows that became films (excluding cartoons) The Rich List

6 26 February 2007

Countries starting with "S"

30 highest scoring Test cricket batsmen

Eric Bana movies Sudden Death

Cities served by the worlds 30 busiest airports for passenger traffic The Rich List

Australian of the Year recipients (1960–2006)

Words ending in "Berry"

Names used in the NATO phonetic alphabet Sudden Death

John Grisham novels The Rich List

7 5 March 2007

The Top 25 countries visited by tourists

Robin Williams movies

Names of Popes since 1000 AD The Rich List

National capitals beginning with the letters A, B or C

The Rolling Stones top 40 UK singles

Actors who have played the television Doctor Who Sudden Death

Number one ranked men's singles players (1973–2006) The Rich List

8 12 March 2007

Countries starting with "A"

Brad Pitt movies

Musicals composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber Sudden Death

Neil Diamond Top 20 songs in the Billboard Hot 100 The Rich List

Recurring characters in Happy Days

Countries that qualified for the 2006 FIFA World Cup

Famous people mentioned in Madonna's song "Vogue" Sudden Death

Presidents of the United States The Rich List

9 19 March 2007

Characters featured in the Mr. Men series of books by Roger Hargreaves

Instruments in a standard Symphony Orchestra

Independent countries that were former Soviet Republics. The Rich List

Breeds of dog starting with "B"

Tom Hanks movies

William Shakespeare plays The Rich List

10 26 March 2007

Varieties of Pasta

U.S. states ending in the letter "A"

ARIA Hall of Fame inductees The Rich List

Books of the New Testament

Featured films directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Letters with a point value of 1 in Scrabble Sudden Death 1

Maria's favorite things from The Sound of Music Second Sudden Death

Sovereign states whose flags are Red, White and Blue The Rich List

11 2 April 2007

Current Deal or No Deal case values

Countries without an ocean coastline

The 12 top earning deceased celebrities of 2006 Sudden Death

Australian swimmers who have won individual gold medals at the Olympic Games The Rich List

The 30 top richest Australians in 2006

Wilbur Smith novels

Current Ranks in the Australian Army The Rich List

12 16 April 2007

Top 40 Cat names in Australia

Academy Award for Best Actor winners since 1970

Named characters from the original Star Wars Trilogy The Rich List

Universities in Australia

Actors who have voiced characters in Shrek and Shrek 2

Countries which drive on the left hand side The Rich List

13 23 April 2007

Theatrically released Elvis Presley movies

Australian Open Women's Singles champions from 1970

Tom Clancy novels Sudden Death

The 20 highest selling passenger and 4WD vehicles in Australia for 2006 The Rich List

Characters from the Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Individuals who have been named Time Magazine's Person of the Year

Countries where French is an official language The Rich List

14 30 April 2007

Top 50 most popular girls' names in Australia of 2006

Stevie Wonder singles reaching the Top 10 in the UK and the US

Countries part of the European Union The Rich List

Theatrically released Julia Roberts movies

U.S. states with a saltwater coastline

Top 30 top earning Australian entertainers of 2006 The Rich List

15 7 May 2007

Actresses who have played Bond girls in the James Bond films

Island countries

Characters from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Sudden Death 2

Performers as billed at the 1969 Woodstock Festival Second Sudden Death

Characters from Lewis Carroll's novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland The Rich List

Capital cities of Europe

Kylie Minogue singles

Actors and actress who have won more than one Academy Award for Best Actor or Actress The Rich List

16 14 May 2007

Theatrically released films based on Stephen King novels

Cities which have hosted the Winter Olympic Games

Past and present staff members at Hogwarts School from the Harry Potter books Sudden Death

The top 20 largest countries by area The Rich List

The top 40 Dog names

Members of the Commonwealth of Nations

Villains from the Batman movies and 60's TV shows Sudden Death

List of the 30 highest-grossing films of all time The Rich List

17 21 May 2007

People who made the "Most Foolish American" list

Current OPEC member countries

Types of Mushrooms Sudden Death

The top 40 most expensive cities to live in worldwide The Rich List

Elements of the Periodic table

Jerry Bruckheimer produced theatrically released films

Current teams of the Australian Soccer A-League Sudden Death

Members of the Young Talent Time team The Rich List

18 28 May 2007

Top 20 most played sports in Australia

Modern birthstones

Planets of the Solar System Sudden Death

Countries currently using the euro The Rich List

Thomas the Tank Engine characters

Current Australian ministers in the Federal cabinet

Songs in the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack Sudden Death

Names of countries with the letter "Y" in it The Rich List

19 4 June 2007

Hosts of the Academy Awards since 1980

The first 25 people in the line of succession to the British Throne

Scrabble letters worth one point Sudden Death

People who have appeared in the banknotes of the Australian dollar The Rich List

Members of the Simpson family

Symbols in the top line of the QWERTY keyboard

Member economies of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation The Rich List

20 11 June 2007

Competitive styles of dance on Australia's Dancing with the Stars

Melbourne Cup winners

Australian places mentioned in the original song "I've Been Everywhere" Sudden Death

TV series produced by Aaron Spelling The Rich List

Characters in A. A. Milne's Winnie-the-Pooh books

Australian cat breeds

Gilbert and Sullivan operas Sudden Death

Feature films with a "7" in its title The Rich List

21 18 June 2007

Songs from the Soundtrack of The Boy From Oz

Towns and suburbs in Australia starting with "Port"

Countries that have Spanish as an official language The Rich List

Theatrically released Russell Crowe movies

Roald Dahl books

Nut varieties grown commercially in Australia Sudden Death

The 30 most trusted professions in Australia The Rich List

22 25 June 2007

Celebrity guest performers on Kath & Kim

40 most common grape varieties grown in Australia for wine

Best Oscar Picture that originally appeared on Broadway Sudden Death

African countries ending with "A" The Rich List

James Patterson novels

Top 50 movie hero characters

Musical acts who have performed the opening title track of official Bond films The Rich List


1 This list was not broadcast due to the list ending up in a tie.

2 This list was not broadcast due to Andrew O'Keefe claiming he had accidentally mentioned one of the characters on the list which was later submitted by Paula and Michael.

Season 2 (2008)[edit]

Episode # Air Date Lists Ratings
(Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth
rounded off to the nearest 1,000)
1 24 May 2008

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors

Current Cricket World Cup teams

Books by Dr. Seuss The Rich List

Denominations on the Australian postage stamp

Sports in the Summer Olympic Games

Theatrically released films starring Audrey Hepburn The Rich List

2 31 May 2008 Unknown 715,000
3 3 November 2008

Suspects, objects and rooms in Cluedo

Political parties that ran in the 2007 Australian federal election

U.S. states sharing a land border with Canada Sudden Death

The 30 most commonly written words in the English language The Rich List

Seeded players in the 2008 Australian Open

Countries supported by the World Vision sponsor a child program

Oscar winners for Best Actress in a leading role 1980 - 2006 The Rich List

4 10 November 2008 Unknown 926,000
5 17 November 2008 Unknown 1,016,000
6 24 November 2008 Unknown 1,210,000
7 1 December 2008 Unknown 1,075,000
8 8 December 2008 Unknown 1,094,000
9 15 December 2008 Unknown 993,000
10 22 December 2008

Performers who were in the original Band Aid group

Credited actors and actresses from the TV series Fast Forward

Top 20 countries from which citizens immigrate to Australia The Rich List

Names of the Little Miss characters created by children's author Roger Hargreaves

Films in which Clint Eastwood has been credited as an actor

Australians who have won more than one gold medal at a Summer Olympic Games The Rich List

11 29 December 2008

Characters from the TV series Grey's Anatomy

Australian swimmers who have held a world record

Floral, faunal, and bird emblems of the Australian states and territories The Rich List

Capital cities of the US states

Theatrically released Hugh Grant films

Letters of the Greek alphabet The Rich List

12 4 January 2009

Original United Nations member states (from 1945)

Actors who have been nominated for a Best Actor Oscar in the 2000s

Current ranks of the Royal Australian Navy The Rich List

Towns and suburbs in Australia which contain the word "town"

US Presidents from the 19th century

Animals in the Chinese zodiac Sudden Death 1

The 12 most common letters in the Concise Oxford Dictionary Sudden Death

Members of the Logies Hall of Fame The Rich List

13 5 January 2009

Theatrically released films that Johnny Depp has appeared in

The 30 most common elements in the universe

London Underground lines Sudden Death

Sovereign states beginning with the letter "C" The Rich List

Nobel Peace Prize laureates

The 50 gayest songs of all time

The 20 most commonly spoken languages in the world The Rich List

14 11 January 2009 Unknown 727,000
15 12 January 2009 Unknown 1,111,000
16 18 January 2009

People who have appeared on the TV show "It takes two"

30 Most Marketable Australian Sports Men and Women

Names of Santa Claus's reindeer in the Poem "T'was the night before Christmas" Sudden Death

States of the United States of America whose names end in a consonant Rich List

Cate Blanchett movies

Wine making regions of Australia

Countries on the World Health Organization list of Worlds 30 Fattest Countries Rich List


1 This list was not broadcast due to the list ending up in a tie.

Champions and their winnings[edit]

This is a list of all contestants who have won the preliminary round and have played The Rich List. This also includes any contestants who failed to win any prize money from The Rich List.

Season Order of appearance Contestants Appearance Total winnings No. of Rich Lists played
Season 1 1 David and Chanelle 29 January $75,000 1
2 Michael and Joel 29 January to 5 February $400,000 3
3 Mark and Jane 5 to 12 February $250,000 2
4 Guy and Brant 12 February $75,000 1
5 Brett and Di 12 to 19 February $0 1
6 Shane and Ingrid 19 to 26 February $150,000 2
7 Steve and Geoff 26 February $75,000 1
8 Tony and Melinda 26 February to 5 March $25,000 1
9 Des and Bridie 5 to 12 March $85,000 2
10 Steve and Lucy 12 March to 2 April $575,000 7
11 Peter and John 2 to 23 April 1 $300,000 3
12 Grace and Craig 23 to 30 April $25,000 3
13 Paula and Michael 30 April to 7 May $0 1
14 Emily and Evan 7 to 14 May $25,000 2
15 Morelle and Peter 14 May $150,000 1
16 John and Bronwyn 14 to 21 May $0 1
17 Amy and Kate 21 May $25,000 1
18 Bianca and Chris 21 to 28 May $85,000 2
19 Irene and Jamie 28 May to 4 June $75,000 1
20 Dustin and Ian 4 to 11 June $75,000 2
21 Norman and Natalie 11 to 18 June $10,000 2
22 Tricia and Karen 18 to 25 June $75,000 2
Seasons 1 and 2 23 Cameron and Sian 25 June 2007 - 24 May 20082 $150,000 2
Season 2 24 Unknown 24 to 31 May $0 2
25 Damien and Adrienne 31 May - 3 November3 $0 2
26 Adam and Sarah 3 November $0 1
27 David and Troy 3 to 10 November $0 2
28 Jason and Nicky 10 to 17 November $150,000 1
32 Daniel and Danielle 8 to 15 December $85,000 2
33 Jes and Shane 15 to 29 December $35,000 4
34 Issa and Reuben 29 December - 4 January $400,000 2
35 Peter and Shane 4 January $10,000 1
36 Alexis and Carly 11 January $150,000 1
37 Pia and Stephen 18 January $250,000 1
1 There was no 9 April 2008 episode due to the Easter long weekend.
2 The carry over champions continued in Season 2 from where they left off in Season 1.
3 Season 2 went on hiatus from 31 May until 3 November.
4 This team is currently the carry over champion and number of lists and prize money may change in future episodes.

Total prize money given away during season one: $2,705,000

Total prize money given away during season two: $895,000

Total prize money given away overall: $3,600,000


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