The Ricotta Eaters

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The Ricotta Eaters
Italian: I Mangiatori di Ricotta, French: Les Mangeurs de Ricotta
ArtistVincenzo Campi
Yearc. 1585
MediumOil on canvas
SubjectGenre painting
Dimensions72 cm × 89.5 cm (28 in × 35.2 in)
LocationMuseum of Fine Arts of Lyon, Lyon

The Ricotta Eaters is a c.1585 oil on canvas painting by Vincenzo Campi, showing four figures eating a round ricotta.[1] The artist himself entitled it Buffonaria, which links its four figures to Commedia dell'arte characters, and depicted himself as Pantalone, wearing red costume.[2] In 1875, the work was presented by Jacques Bernard to the Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon, where it is currently displayed.


Black pencil on brown paper, 20.5 x 19.2 cm. Campi's pencil study for the painting; it is currently in Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden's collection.

The ricotta placed on the tray appears[citation needed] to form an image of the skull, symbolizing memento mori, a reminder of death, in an atmosphere characterised by excess and abandon.[3]


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