The Right (comics)

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The Right
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance X-Factor #17 (June 1987)
In-story information
Type of organization Para-military
Leader(s) Cameron Hodge

The Right is a fictional anti-mutant organization in the Marvel Comics universe. The group first appeared in X-Factor #17 in June 1987.

Fictional biography[edit]

The Right was secretly founded by Cameron Hodge, and was dedicated to the extermination of all superpowered mutants. The Right employed commandos in high-tech flying battle suits of powered armor with machine guns, missiles, and (presumably to disturb or distract their victims) faceplates resembling a smiley face (in some sources these suits were subsequently nicknamed Smiley-Face Battlesuits). They also employed scientists and inventors such as Nanny and Ani-Mator.[volume & issue needed]

The commandos faced the New Mutants and at least one of them was sent to the demonic realm of Limbo, to undergo various torments. Despite the seeming death of Hodge in Genosha, The Right has recently reformed and are continuing their anti-mutant agenda.

The Right is featured in X-Force Volume 3 #10, Dec. 2008. They, once again under the recently resurrected Hodge's command, confront the titular team over a version of the Legacy Virus.

External links[edit]

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