The Right (comics)

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The Right
X-Factor v1 23 cover.jpg
X-Factor battling Cameron Hodge and several Right troopers (X-Factor Vol.1 #23; December 1987). Art by Walt Simonson.
Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
First appearanceX-Factor #17 (June 1987)
Created byLouise Simonson
Walt Simonson
In-story information
Type of organizationPara-military
Base(s)Arlington, Virginia
Leader(s)Cameron Hodge

The Right is a fictional anti-mutant organization appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The group first appeared in X-Factor #17 in June 1987.

Fictional biography[edit]

The Right was secretly founded by Cameron Hodge, and was dedicated to the extermination of all superpowered mutants. In order to finance the organisation, Hodge - as a close friend and financial manager of millionaire Warren Worthington III, also known as the X-Man Angel - secretly misused Worthington's vast fortune.[1] The Right employed commandos in high-tech flying battle suits of powered armor with machine guns, missiles, and (presumably to disturb or distract their victims) faceplates resembling a smiley face (in some sources these suits were subsequently nicknamed "Smiley-Face Battlesuits"). They also employed scientists and inventors such as Nanny[2] and Ani-Mator.[3]

At first, Hodge employed more subtle methods to contribute to the growing misery in Warren's life when the latter lost his natural wings to Harpoon during the Mutant Massacre,[4] having their remains eventually wholly amputated.[5] He subsequently sabotaged Warren's plane to rid himself of his proclaimed nemesis,[6] and during the occasion of Warren's funeral he openly declared his true allegiance with the Right.[7] The Right troopers subsequently initiated bloody terror acts against the non-mutant population, blaming Warren's teammates, the founding members of the X-Men and now newly formed X-Factor. They also conducted cruel experiments on mutants, in some cases - as for Rictor[1] - employing them for their terroristic plots.

Hodge and a number of Right commandos also faced the New Mutants, but were defeated by them and Ani-Mator's creations under the leadership of Bird-Brain,[3] and the surviving troopers were sent by Magik to the demonic realm of Limbo, to undergo various torments.[8] Despite the seeming death of Hodge in Genosha, The Right has recently reformed and are continuing their anti-mutant agenda.

The Right is featured in X-Force Vol.3 #10 (Dec. 2008). They, once again under the recently resurrected Hodge's command, confront the titular team over a version of the Legacy Virus.


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