The Right Time (The Corrs song)

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"The Right Time"
European cover art
Single by The Corrs
from the album Forgiven, Not Forgotten
B-side Erin Shore
Released May 1996
Format CD single
Recorded December 1994
Los Angeles, California
Genre Pop
Length 4:07 (album version)
3:34 (radio edit)
Label 143, Lava, Atlantic
Writer(s) The Corrs
Producer(s) David Foster, Jim Corr
The Corrs singles chronology
"Forgiven, Not Forgotten"
"The Right Time"
"Love to Love You"

"The Right Time" is a song by Celtic folk rock band The Corrs, the third single from their debut album Forgiven, Not Forgotten. It was released in 1996 and the track was remixed for airplay. The remix replaced a light and breezy rhythm with a hard-pounding beat coupled with reggae-style bass. The remix was produced by Per Adebratt, Tommy Ekman, and Douglas Carr, who had previously worked with Ace of Base. The song was featured in their live set for several years.

"The Right Time" was targeted at pop radio by Atlantic US, hence the video theme of 1960s pop tinged with psychedelic, and the band's new haircuts and publicity photos. The new style lasted around a week before the Corrs' classic look returned. The video for the track was originally filmed and released with the "Radio Edit – Dance Mix" version; promotion was done with this version too. The album edit video can be found on the Best of The Corrs DVD.

Warner's International territories released "Forgiven, Not Forgotten" as the second single from the album of the same name, while Atlantic US went straight to "The Right Time".

Track listing[edit]

  • European CD single
  1. "The Right Time" (radio edit) – 3:34
  2. "The Right Time" (LP version) – 4:07
  3. "Erin Shore" (LP version) – 4:14
  • European CD single
  1. "The Right Time" (radio edit) – 3:36
  2. "The Right Time" (acoustic version) – 3:02
  3. "The Right Time" (album version) – 4:07

Music video[edit]

The Corrs in the music video for "The Right Time"

The video for "The Right Time" directed by Kevin Bray was based on 1960s television. The black and white rooms and mirrored visual tricks gave the video an old-fashioned and psychedelic feel and the style of the bands clothes and hair styles added to 1960s look. Visual tricks was responsible for both mirrored effects tricks which showed the band as being "giant" compared to various props and items in the video. Whilst the band left the video design to the experts, various pieces that they did not like were taken out and replaced. Jim also mentioned that this was a tiring time as the making of this video and the video for "Forgiven, Not Forgotten" which was shot the day before resulted in two very long days.[citation needed] They had to get up at 6:00 in the morning to be at the studio for the start of shooting at 7:00 and worked on both days through to 11:00 at night.[citation needed]


Chart Peak
Australian ARIA Singles Chart[1] 44
Canadian Adult Contemporary[2] 4
Canadian RPM Top 100 Singles[3] 32
German Singles Chart 76
Irish Singles Chart 3
UK Singles Chart 84
U.S. Adult Top 40[4] 37


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