The Riotts.

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the Riotts.
Also known as Milky Way
Origin Japan
Genres Pop rock
Years active 2009–2011
Associated acts 176BIZ, Panic Channel
Website Official website
Members Sechi
Tara (たら)
Kasumi (楓栖)
Ayumu (歩)
Past members Buu (ぶう)
Mike (ミケ)

The Riotts. (ライオット, stylized as the Riotts.) was a Japanese visual kei rock band who officially formed in November 2009, but first started activities in May as a session band called Milky Way (みるきーうぇい). The three official members; Setsuki, Tara, and Kasumi, use various "guest" musicians.[1]


In March 2009 176BIZ disbanded, in May a session band called Milky Way[2] was formed by former members Setsuki (ex-Karen), Tara (ex-Panic Channel) and Kasumi (ex-Gimmick). They played their first live on July 10 at the Takada no Baba Area. In November they became an official band, known as The Riotts.[3] Their official homepage was opened on November 21, 2009. Currently The Riotts. have no official vocalist, but used Mike (Blu-Billion) as a guest vocalist until the release of their first mini-album, StarInvitation.


Current members[edit]

Former guest members[edit]



  • Riot Star (2011.01.26)


  • StarInvitation (2010.01.15)
  • Hoshi Renge (星蓮花; "Lotus Flower Star", 2010.10.06)


  • "Stargazer" (スターゲイザー, 2010.05.26)


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