The Rise of Miss Power

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"The Rise of Miss Power"
WordGirl episode
WordGirl and Miss Power.png
Miss Power and WordGirl.
Episode no.Season 6
Episode 97 & 98
Directed bySteve Young
Written byJack Ferraiolo
Produced byDanielle Giltlis
Production code601, 602
Original air dateFebruary 20, 2012 (2012-02-20)
Running time52 minutes (combined)
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Yes Monkey"
Next →
"Invasion of The Bunny Lovers - Part 1"
WordGirl (season 6)
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The Rise of Miss Power is a special one-hour episode of the animated television show WordGirl. The movie aired on PBS on February 20, 2012. In reruns, the special is broken into two half-hour episodes of two segments each. The movie introduces Miss Power, a new villain unlike any WordGirl has ever seen: instead of being prone to malapropisms like her usual rogues' gallery, Miss Power is an eloquent yet sinister bully whom WordGirl does not immediately recognize as evil.

The movie contains The Pretty Princess/Magic Pony Power Hour.


Part One

  • Miss Power has come to earth from outer space along with her sidekick, Captain Giggle Cheeks. At first, the newcomer appears to be a superhero: Miss Power is eloquent and has superpowers even greater than WordGirl's own, helping her to defeat the villains. Despite some misgivings, WordGirl is drawn to Miss Power's abilities and falls under her influence.

Part Two

  • Besides using her super strength and super speed to defeat villains, Miss Power has another secret weapon: using mean words against others. WordGirl would rather not use her words harshly...but after giving it a shot, she feels empowered.

Part Three

  • Miss Power has taken the bullying thing way too far and WordGirl doesn't like being associated with such a mean person. But when WordGirl tries to stand up to Miss Power, she gets belittled and strip her superhero star. Dejected and sulking, Becky goes home to her family. But Miss Power is there to take Mrs. Botsford away!

Part Four

  • WordGirl needs to come up with a plan to save her mom and get rid of Miss Power, fast! Huggy decides to share with her a pamphlet full of secret battle moves from her home planet: Lexicon.

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Home media release[edit]

The movie was released on DVD on February 21, 2012 (the day after the premiere), which is also includes the two-part episode, A World Without WordGirl, and The Pretty Princess/Magic Pony Power Hour mini-series.

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