The Road Dogs

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The Road Dogs
Blues-rock band from Minsk, Belarus
Nišville Jazz Festival 2018 (Niš, Serbia)
Background information
OriginMinsk,  Belarus
Years active2007 - present
Associated acts
  • Sergey Sklyarov
  • Vadim Galiullin
  • Maxim Marchenko
  • Eugene Stepanov
Past members
  • Yuri Alyashev
  • Nick Volynets
  • George Stankevich
  • Svyatoslav Chernukho

The Road Dogs (slang meaning "Close Friends"[1]) — a blues-rock band from Belarus.


The Road Dogs was formed in Minsk, Belarus in 2007. Their music style was initially rooted in blues-rock of 1970th and while moving closer to modern blues sound the style developed into mixture of traditional blues, southern rock, funk, soul and gospel.

The band was formed by two permanent members Vadim Halliulin and Sergey Sklyarov joined by drummer Maxim Marchenko and Nick Volynets on bass. The first public performance took place on November 9, 2008 at 3rd international blues festival "Minsk Blues". During 2012 - 2016 years the band successfully collaborated with guitarist and arranger George Stankevich. The first studio album entitled "№1" was recorded in 2013 at Maple Tree studio and published by VIGMA. Official video for the most notable song "Wolf" was funded by means of crowdfunding platform ULEJ. The original lineup performed until November 2013 when Eugene Stepanov joined the band on bass as a permanent replacement.

The band has 10-years experience of public performances. The Road Dogs is constantly gigging in different clubs as well as big stages including major European blues festivals (Suwałki Blues Festival, Nišville Jazz Festival, Blues Express XXV) in Poland, Serbia, Georgia, Czech Republic and Russia. Original songs are written in English, Polish, Russian and Belorussian languages. Every performance is a musical conversation with the audience accompanied by subtle irony and humor.

Band members[edit]



The Road Dogs logo
Custom guitars

Musicians employ SVET Guitars brand handmade guitars crafted by belarusian luthier Andrew Shkolik:


Vadim Galiullin and Sergey Sklyarov are official endorsers of Cort Guitars manufacturer in Belarus[4].


Studio albums
Year Title Published Label Cover
2013 The Road Dogs №1[5]

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The Road Dogs - 1 Front Cover.jpg

Year Title Published Label Cover
2011 Live In Balaklava[6] CD, Soundcloud N/A The Road Dogs - Balaklava.png
Year Title Original Title Published Label
2014 Poets are alive in songs Паэты жывуць у песьнях[7] Soundcloud Art Siadziba

Music Videos[edit]


The Road Dogs at Blues Express XXIV, 2016 (Zakrzewo, Poland)

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