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The Roadents is an animated web series by Bix Pix Entertainment, Inc., produced for the C Spot on Crackle. It is about two guinea pigs, Pee Pee and Buttercup, that travel in a 1983 Winnebago. There are over 20 episodes. It was created by Justin Hilden, executive produced by Kelli Bixler, and is produced by Kristofer Updike.

Critical acclaim[edit]

  • said, "The animation is top-notch and the voice acting is excellent."[1]
  • LA Times says, "Created by the animation studio BixPix Entertainment, the show is essentially the improv stylings of two comics -- Pee Pee is voiced by Kevin McShane and Buttercup by Los Angeles screenwriter David B. Harris, with the voices set to cool animation by Justin Hilden."[2]
  • Tilzy TV says, "The resulting stories are only slightly exaggerated interpretations of commonplace in-the-car and on-the-road occurrences (well, except for the cat on the windshield). They play out to comedic, unexpected consequences, accented by the fact that talking guinea pigs with a Paula Abdul / MC Skat Kat relationship are the stars".[3]


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