The Roads to Sata

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The Roads to Sata
Author Alan Booth
Country British
Language English
Genre Travel
Publisher John Weatherhill Inc
Publication date
First published 1985; republished September 1, 1990
Media type Print Hardcover & Paperback
Pages 282 pp
ISBN 978-0-670-80776-5 (1st Edition Hardcover)
OCLC 14399539

The Roads to Sata, written in 1985 by Alan Booth, tells the story of his journey in 1977, on foot, from Cape Soya in Hokkaidō, the northernmost point of Japan, to Sata, the southernmost point of Japan.[1] Booth's journey lasted 128 days and covered 2,000 miles. The book was originally published by John Weatherhill Inc in 1985, but was republished by Kodansha Globe in 1997 in paperback.


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