The RockTigers

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The RockTigers
The RockTigers in 2010
Background information
Origin Seoul, Korea
Genres Rock 'n' roll
Years active 20012013
Labels Tiger Records
Website The RockTigers
Members Velvet Geena
Eddie Tarantula

The RockTigers (Korean: 락타이거즈, also written as The Rock Tigers, The Rocktigers) were a South Korean rock and roll band formed in 2001. The RockTigers had a style that was rooted in the 1940s and 1950s jump blues, boogie-woogie, and rockabilly that sets them apart from other Korean indie bands. They branded their style of music as "kimchibilly" to represent their Korean take on the style, referring to Korea's representative food kimchi, and for years held monthly "Kimchibilly Nights."[1][2] The term was coined by a foreign fan of the band.[3][4]

Although not part of the Korean mainstream, The RockTigers have developed a cult following, especially among the expat community and tourists, with their energetic live shows around the Hongdae club scene.[5]

At the end of 2013, lead vocalist Velvet Geena left the band. Rather than break up, the rest of the band members recruited new male vocalist Chul-soo and reformed as Streetguns.[6][7][8]


Studio albums[edit]


  • 문화사기단 합동음반 제1호/Culture Fraud Company Compilation No. 1 (2002) "Sex Machine"
  • 문화사기단 크리스마스 컴필레이션/Culture Fraud Company Christmas Compilation (2002) "Leather Bike Jacket Boy"


Velvet Geena - Vocals
Tiger - Guitar
Roy - Double bass
Eddie Tarantula - Guitar


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