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Rocker or rockers may refer to:



  • Fermin Rocker (1907–2004), painter and illustrator
  • John Rocker (born 1974), American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Lee Rocker (born 1961), stage name of American rockabilly musician Leon Drucker
  • Rudolf Rocker (1873–1958), German writer, historian and prominent anarchist
  • Tracy Rocker (born 1966), American college football coach and former player
  • Rocker, a British drummer, formerly of The Flatmates

Art, entertainment, and media[edit]







Other uses[edit]

  • Pocket Rockers, a brand of music player produced by Fisher-Price
  • Rocker, an individual or band that performs rock music
  • Rockers, a variation of the one drop rhythm drumbeat in reggae music
  • Rocker, a beer brand from Norway. Brewed by Henrys Brewery As in Oslo.


  • Rocker, a Boston-based music magazine founded in 2011, targeted to ages 35 and up


  • Rocker (subculture), a British biker subculture that originated in the 1950s/1960s, also known as "Ton Up Boy" and "Greaser"
  • Rocker, a generic term for outlaw motorcycle club style motorcyclists in Germany
  • Rocker, the top and bottom parts of a "backpatch" or "colors" often worn by a member of a motorcycle club

Science and engineering[edit]

  • Rocker switch for switching between two states of an electrical device
  • Rocker (laboratory), a device used for mixing applications
  • Rocker arm, part of a 4-stroke engine
  • Rocker panel, the body section of a vehicle below the door openings
  • Rocker, a cradle mechanism formerly used in placer mining
  • Rocker, a metal tool with small teeth used in mezzotint printmaking
  • Rocker, the rise or curve of a vessel's hull along its keel line (for example in a kayak).
  • Rocker, a rocking chair or one of the curved bands which support it

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