The Rough Guide to Tango (1999 album)

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The Rough Guide to Tango
Compilation album by
Various artists
Released25 May 1999
GenreWorld, Tango
LabelWorld Music Network
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The Rough Guide to Tango is a world music compilation album originally released in 1999. Part of the World Music Network Rough Guides series,[1] the album presents the tango music of Argentina with an eye toward the history of the genre, featuring 78 rpm recordings to tracks of the modern day.[2] Teddy Peiro and Tom Andrews wrote the liner notes, and Phil Stanton—co-founder of the World Music Network—produced and compiled the album.[3][4] This release was followed by a second edition a decade later.

Critical reception[edit]

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Alex Henderson of AllMusic called the album "far-reaching", demarcating within the tracks the "two types of tango: before and after Astor Piazzolla" (whose influence on the genre, he claimed, was comparable to that of Charlie Parker's on jazz).[2]

Track listing[edit]

1."Aguafuertes Portenas"Litto Nebbia1:48
2."Tango de los Abuelos, los Padres y los Hijos"Roberto Goyeneche3:49
3."Afiche"Adriana Varela3:17
4."Tres Minutos con la Realidad"Astor Piazzolla3:05
5."El Bazar de los Juguetes"Alberto Podestá2:46
6."Cafe Homero"Néstor Marconi6:50
7."200 Años"Agri, Binelli, & Fedel y Ferrer1:54
8."Lilian"Héctor Varela3:10
9."Danzarin"Leopoldo Federico & Roberto Grela3:52
10."Cada Vez Que Me Recuerdes"Adriana Varela2:37
11."Melancolico Buenos Aires"Astor Piazzolla4:03
12."El Ultimo Guapo"Alfredo Belusi2:30
13."Orlando Goñi"Aníbal Troilo3:56
14."Caminito"Carlos Gardel2:37
15."Cuando Tu No Estas"Néstor Marconi5:45
16."Retrato de Nana"Carlos Buono3:08
17."El Tiempo Sera Testigo"Héctor Varela2:55
18."El Marne"Eduardo Arolas2:30
19."La Cumparsita"Los Solistas d'Arienzo2:45
20."Farol"Virgilio Exposito3:14


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