The Roving Kind (song)

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"The Roving Kind"
Single by Guy Mitchell
Released 1950
Genre Pop
Length 3:02
Writer(s) Jessie Cavanaugh, Arnold Stanton
Guy Mitchell singles chronology
"My Heart Cries for You"
"The Roving Kind"
"You're Just in Love"

The Roving Kind was a popular song adapted in 1950 from a British folksong "The Pirate Ship" by "Jessie Cavanaugh" and "Arnold Stanton" (both names are pseudonyms used by music publisher The Richmond Organisation. The song is about a girl who is nice but a rover.

The best-known version was recorded by Guy Mitchell in 1950, in which it reached #4 on Billboard in December 1950. The song also reached #6 on the Cashbox charts in December 1950.[1]

The song had first been recorded by the American folk group, The Weavers. Mitchell's jocular version followed the original sea-shanty style. Mitch Miller followed this "folk-origin" formula for most of Mitchell's subsequent hits.[2]


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