The Royal Family (novel)

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The Royal Family
2001 Penguin Books paperback edition
Author William T. Vollmann
Cover artist William T. Vollmann (photography)
Country United States
Language English
Genre Novel
Publisher Viking
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback & Hardback)
Pages 780 pp
ISBN 0-14-100200-X (paperback)
OCLC 47793886

The Royal Family is a novel by the American author William T. Vollmann. The novel centers around Henry Tyler's private investigative work and his personal desire to find the mysterious Queen of Whores, the matriarch of the prostitutes in the area of Tenderloin, San Francisco.


The novel is divided into thirty-six books, sub-divided into five hundred and ninety-three chapters.

  • Book I, The Reduction Method
  • Book II, Irene
  • Book III, Visits and Visitations
  • Book IV, Billable Hours
  • Book V, The Mark of Cain
  • Book VI, Ladies of the Queen
  • Book VII, Sometimes It Helps to Talk About These Things
  • Book VIII, Sunflower
  • Book IX, Easier Than You Might Ever Dream
  • Book X, An Essay on Bail
  • Book XI, Easier Than You Might Ever Dream (continued)
  • Book XII, The False Irene
  • Book XIII, "Business Comes First"
  • Book XIV, Domino
  • Book XV, Vigs
  • Book XVI, The Queen of Las Vegas
  • Book XVII, Buying Their Dream Home
  • Book XVIII, Feminine Circus
  • Book XIX, A Meditation on the Stock Market
  • Book XX, "Demons Are Here"
  • Book XXI, Jesus
  • Book XXII, The Wicked King's Secret
  • Book XXIII, Justin
  • Book XXIV, Sapphire
  • Book XXV, The Truth
  • Book XXVI, Celia
  • Book XXVII, Geary Street
  • Book XXVIII, John
  • Book XXIX, Space Invaders
  • Book XXX, Little Baby Birds
  • Book XXXI, Filial Duties
  • Book XXXII, The Fall of Canaan
  • Book XXXIII, Kitty's Soliloquy
  • Book XXXIV, Dan Smooth
  • Book XXXV, Coffee Camp
  • Book XXXVI, The Royal Family