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The Rugrats Files is a series of children's books based on the Rugrats animated television series. There are five books in the series, each written by a different author. They have a common theme of time travel, with the babies going back in time to different periods and places.

The books[edit]

  • The Quest for the Holey Pail by Sarah Willson (2000)
The Rugrats go back to the age of King Arthur, with Tommy's pail standing in for the Holy Grail
  • The Case of the Missing Gold by David Lewman (2000)
The Rugrats join the California Gold Rush in 1849
  • Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of Milk by Kitty Richards (2000)
The Rugrats meet Blackbeard, the eighteenth-century pirate, who kidnaps Angelica thinking she is a princess
  • Tale of an Unfinished Masterpiece by Maria Rosado (2001)
The Rugrats meet Leonardo da Vinci in sixteenth-century Italy
The Rugrats go back to the age of the dinosaurs

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