The Runaways (musical)

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The Runaways (Broadway, 1903), originally Chow Chow (Chicago, 1902), was an American comedy musical with book and lyrics by Addison Burkhardt and music by Raymond Hubbell.[1][2] The show was joined by Fay Templeton when it came to Broadway.[3][4]


  1. ^ Gerald Bordman, Thomas S. Hischak The Oxford Companion to American Theatre - 2004 Page 322 Hubbell's first full score was offered to Chicago as Chow Chow and later brought to New York as The Runaways (1903). One of his biggest successes was Fantana (1905). Thereafter, he composed the music for many of Lew 'Fields's musical ...
  2. ^ Gerald Bordman,American Musical Theatre: A Chronicle -2010 Page 224 "Mickey Finn (4 May 1903, Third Ave) stepped out of the comic strips onto the stage, where he promptly became confused with ... A claptrap affair called The Runaways came in to the Casino on the 11th from Chicago, with much fanfare and at a ..."
  3. ^ Edward T. James Notable American Women 1607-1950: A Biographical Dictionary 1971 "An admirer of CISSIE LOFTUS, whom at least one critic thought she surpassed, Miss Templeton also did imitations of such stars as Lillian Russell and Ethel Barrymore. In 1903 she left Weber and Fields to star in a musical, The Runaways.
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