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Runet Prize
Premiya runeta2006.jpg
Awarded for Excellence in Russian Internet segment development
Location Moscow
Country Russia
Presented by Rospechat
First awarded November 26, 2004[1]
Official website

Runet Prize (Russian: Премия Рунета) is a national award of the Russian Federation. Its founder is Russian governmental agency FAPMC which oversees country's mass media.

First awarded in 2004, the prize honors top Russian language (mainly Russia-based) websites in several categories.

Runet is a portmanteau of the words "Russia" and "Internet".



State and Society

  • Website of the «Euronetwork (Russian: Евросеть)» Company Charity Fund (
  • Information and news portal «» (
  • Information and Public Relations Administration of the Moscow Central Internal Affairs Directorate and the project «» (
  • Special nomination: Portal «» (

Culture and Mass Communications

Science and Education

Economics and Business

Health and Recreation

Technologies and Innovations

Runet outside RU

People’s Ten

  1. Social network (
  2. Entertaining Runet quotes website (
  3. UcoZ Web-Services (
  4. E-mail service (
  5. National torrent tracker (
  6. (
  7. (
  8. MMORPG Game «Legend: Dragon Heritage (Russian: Легенда: Наследие Драконов) (
  9. Russian Wikipedia (
  10. Online game 11x11 (


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