The Runner (1985 film)

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For the 1999 crime thriller film, see The Runner (1999 film).
The Runner
Directed by Amir Naderi
Produced by Ali Reza Zarrin
Written by Behrouz Gharibpour
Amir Naderi
Starring Abbas Nazeri
Majid Niroumand
Musa Torkizadeh
Cinematography Firooz Malekzadeh
Edited by Bahram Beizai
Country Iran
Language Persian

The Runner (Persian: Davandeh دونده ) is a 1985 film by Amir Naderi, one of the major directors of Iranian cinema before and after the Iranian Revolution.

The Runner was perhaps the first of the post-revolution Iranian films to attract worldwide attention. It set the tone for many of the films which followed: realism, child's eye perspective of the world, innocence, gentleness, set in poor neighbourhoods, exposing great disparities in wealth, resting much of the film on the shoulders of one young actor, using children's lives as analogies for, or explicit expositions of, the problems of the adult world.

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