The Runners

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This article is about the production duo. For the song, see Simple Forms.
The Runners
Origin Orlando, Florida, United States
Years active 2000−present
  • Track Team Records
  • Track-N-Field Entertainment
Associated acts
  • Jermaine "Mayne Zayne" Jackson
  • Andrew "Dru Brett" Harr

The Runners are an American electronic and hip hop production duo from Orlando, Florida, consisting of Andrew "Dru Brett" Harr and Jermaine "Mayne Zayne" Jackson. They came together to form the team in 2000, but they have known each other since they were in kindergarten. They both have been influenced their entire lives by producers Timbaland and The Neptunes. Their trademark is an exhale sound effect ringing "Ahhh" at the beginning of their songs.[1][2]

They are best known for producing the hit singles "Go Hard" and "Hustlin'", by rappers DJ Khaled and Rick Ross respectively. They have produced songs for artists like Keyshia Cole, Chris Brown, Fat Joe, Juelz Santana, Nelly, Trip Lee, Jim Jones, Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, Fabolous and Usher.[3]


The Runners first met as toddlers in Vero Beach, Florida. Their fathers were both physicians and their families soon became fast friends. Dru and Mayne, both grew up with an interest for music. When Dru's family moved to North Carolina during his teen years, he and Mayne they lost touch with each other but both continued their musical interests separately. When they reunited through telephone, Dru and Mayne discovered they'd each been working with DJing and production. In 2000, They name themselves The Runners and set up shop in Orlando, where they launched Trac-N-Field Entertainment. In 2008, The Runners were nominated for Producer of the Year at the BET Awards. The Runners want to serve as the new Miami sound machine for an entire region. The Runners have been instrumental in the crafting the new hip-hop soundtrack of the 305. "Were trying to give Miami that sound that Dre gave California, or certain producers gave Atlanta. I think thats what people are hearing in our records now", says Dru.[4]

At first people called them one hit wonders. But they called them that when they only had a couple of hits out there. From hip-hop to R&B, and with mounting interests in fashion, modeling, television, and a label deal, The Runners name is becoming a brand associated with unparalleled success. "We want to take it to that level. Were living out our dreams, but we havent finished them yet. Thats why were here. Thats what we live for", says Mayne. "Were about our business, because this is the music business. We bring the music to the table, but we also bring the business to the table. So were gonna be a success. Dont just look at us as producers, but as entrepreneurs and businessmen, as well." And if you aint know, now you know, continues Mayne.[4]

They produced two tracks on Rihanna's fifth studio album Loud, "Cheers (Drink to That)" and "California King Bed". They have also produced British singer-rapper Cher Lloyd's debut single "Swagger Jagger". On March 31, 2012, they went in the studio to produce for Shakira. Although their work is primarily hip hop they have recently created several songs for TV including John Walsh's Americas Most Wanted intro. On October 7, 2014, they released their first original dance music track "We Will Stand" on Track Team Records.

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