The Running Horse

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Coordinates: 51°17′42″N 0°19′52″W / 51.295°N 0.331°W / 51.295; -0.331 The Running Horse is a pub in the town of Leatherhead, Surrey, England.

Dating back to 1403, on the bank of the River Mole, the Running Horse is located in one of the oldest buildings in Leatherhead.


Built in the 15th century on land belonging to the church, The Running Horse was originally known as Rummings House, after Eleynor Rumminge who was written about by Henry VIII's poet John Skelton. The poem can be found on a wall in the pub. Legend has it that Henry's daughter, Elizabeth I, spent a night at the inn due to floods making the river Mole impossible to cross. It is rumoured that in the 17th century the pub was used as a frequent meeting place for smugglers.

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