The Russell Hotel

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The Russell Hotel
Restaurant information
Head chefPierre Rolland, Jackie Needham
Rating1 Michelin star Michelin Guide
Street address102–104 St. Stephen's Green

The Russell Hotel or Hotel Russell is a defunct hotel located at 102–104 St. Stephen's Green South in Dublin, Ireland. The hotel had a fine dining restaurant that was awarded one Michelin star in 1974.[1]

In the first year of the publication of the Michelin Guide to Ireland and the United Kingdom, the Russell Hotel finally received its first star, after many years cooking and serving at high levels. However, the hotel closed later that same year.[2]

The Russell Hotel was founded in the context of the "Temperance Movement". Founder Sir Thomas Russell, 1st Baronet (1841–1920) was a staunch supporter of this movement.

Sir Thomas's son-in-law Victor Marcel Charles Barrois de Sarigny conducted the hotel until 1929.[3]

According to an advertisement in 1927, it was already a well known restaurant with a full license. Only after the takeover by the Besson family in 1947 was the hotel associated with haute cuisine.[4]

After the acquisition of The Russell Hotel by the Besson family, a number of French chefs were hired. The ITGWU (Hotel and Restaurant Branch) did not like this very much, due to the existing high unemployment, but quickly reached an agreement on the training of Irish chefs and kitchen staff. Many Irish chefs received (a part of) their training here.[5]

In 1963, at the publication of the Egon Ronay Guide, The Russell Hotel was the only hotel in Ireland awarded three stars. In 1973, the hotel was awarded two stars, despite a decline in the number of stars awarded by about 30%.[6] The Guide awarded the restaurant one star in 1974.[7]

Well known chefs at The Russell Hotel were Pierre Rolland, Jackie Needham and Roger Noblet. It was under the leadership of head chef Matt Dowling that it earned its star.[8]

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