The Russian Futurists

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The Russian Futurists
Origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Genres Synthpop, indie rock, indie pop, indietronica, alternative rock
Years active 2000–present
Labels Upper Class Recordings
Members Matthew Adam Hart

The Russian Futurists are a Canadian indie pop[1][2] band based in Toronto. Their music can be described as lo-fi, indie-electronica fused with a twee-pop temperament. Although they initially had only one member, Matthew Adam Hart (born 1978), the band was later enlarged for live performances.


The band debuted with Upper Class Recordings in 2000 with The Method of Modern Love, which was praised by music stars such as Graham Coxon of Blur and Peter Buck of R.E.M.[3] Uncut magazine called it "one of the most melodically seductive and exhilarating records of recent times".[4] The band also received positive reviews in Pitchfork Media, Spin, The Guardian, and XLR8R.[5] In 2004 the band toured in the U.S., Canada and Spain. They have toured with Peter Bjorn and John, Caribou and Junior Boys.[6]

According to an interview with Exclaim! magazine, Futurists mastermind Matthew Adam Hart decided to record his fourth album in a studio, trading his Toronto home (and bedroom where he recorded his first three lo-fi records) for a New York studio. Hart told Exclaim!, "I personally think all of the records, songwise, have been pretty accessible. Production wise? Probably not. I was never one of those guys thinking I have to reinvent the wheel or do something freaky with every record. I did three like that, and I'm getting older now, so I just decided to try it. You can always go back."[7]

The band's track "Paul Simon" has been placed on many Samsung Phones as a feature song.

Hart's influences as a songwriter include Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields.[8] Born and raised in Cornwall, Ontario,[6] Hart spent his early career creating indie hip hop music tracks, using improvised gear, in Cornwall and in Peterborough, Ontario.[9] Hart has remixed other artists' singles, including "Tonight I Have to Leave It" by Shout Out Louds and "The First Five Times" by Stars.[10]

The Russian Futurists released a new album, The Weight’s On The Wheels, worldwide on November 16, 2010.

The Weight's On The Wheels is The Russian Futurists fourth studio album and was produced by Matthew Adam Hart with the aid of Michael Musmanno (Outkast, Lilys, Arrested Development). The lead single “Hoeing Weeds Sowing Seeds”, was mixed by Grammy Award winner Michael Brauer (Coldplay, John Mayer, The Bravery). The album, ten tracks in total feature tracks “Horseshoe Fortune”, “Register My Firearms? No Way!”,“100 Shopping Days ‘Til Christmas” and “One Night, One Kiss”, a duet with Heavy Blinkers singer Ruth Minnikin.

The songs "Paul Simon", and "Precious Metals" are featured on the NBA 2K11 soundtrack.

The Russian Futurists released a music video for “One Night, One Kiss” off their 2010 fourth studio album, The Weight’s on the Wheels.[11]

As of September 2013, Hart is also now appearing as cohost of the morning show on Toronto's CIND-FM.[12]




  • Paul Simon (2006)
  • Hoeing Weeds Sowing Seeds + Remixes EP (2010)




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