The Séance at Hobs Lane

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The Séance at Hobs Lane
Mount Vernon Arts Lab - The Seance at Hobs Lane cover.jpg
Studio album by Mount Vernon Arts Lab
Released 2001, rereleased on Ghost Box Music in 2007
Genre Electronic/Musique concrète
Acousmatic music/Ambient
Label Ghost Box Music GBX009
Producer Drew Mulholland

The Séance at Hobs Lane is the fifth release by Drew Mulholland (with collaborators), under the pseudonym of Mount Vernon Arts Lab. The album was re-released on the Ghost Box Music label some years after its initial appearance.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "The Fog Detonator" 0:57
2. "Hobgoblins" 5:48
3. "The Mandrake Club" 2:37
4. "Dashwood's Reverie" 3:59
5. "The Black Drop" 3:13
6. "Sir Keith at Lambeth" 6:08
7. "The Submariner's Song" 1:20
8. "The Vauxhaull Labyrinth" 5:22
9. "While London Sleeps" 5:27
10. "Warminster 4" 3:24
11. "Percy Toplis" 14:43

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