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The Sagamore is a monthly newspaper that is published by students at Brookline High School in Brookline, Massachusetts.

It is "an independent, school-affiliated publication produced monthly by the students of Brookline High School," according to the paper's website. Each issue consists of five sections: NEWS, OPINIONS, CENTERSPREAD, ARTS, and SPORTS. Issues are distributed free of charge in and around Brookline High School on "distribution days.


Sagamore staff members take the Journalism I and Journalism II classes, which complement their work on the paper. Depending on how long a student has served on the staff, different positions become available to them.

In a student's first year, they are restricted to a basic journalist position as a staff writer. This involves conducting interviews and writing articles as they learn about journalistic ethics, procedures, and skills in the accompanying Journalism I class.

In the second year, the faculty advisors assign leadership positions. These include section writing, section layout editing, photo, and business team. These positions are in addition to the responsibilities of the first year, but the Journalism II class includes more production time.

Third-year students, in the Journalism II class along with second-year students, are assigned to a different set of jobs at Sagamore, including the position of Editor-in-Chief (EIC). This position is shared between two or three students selected by the advisers.


Brookline high school provides The Sagamore staff with a work space and some resources (such as computers and recording devices); however, the staff raises the funds for printing, mailing, etc. through ad sales subscriptions. The business team manages the income.

Online presence[edit]

The Sagamore website includes not only articles from the paper issues, but also online exclusives and features such as school calendars and files. The Sagamore also has a Facebook page which gives updates on school events.


  • Columbia Scholastic Press Association Newspaper Critique'
    • 2010 Gold Medalist
    • 2010 All-Columbian Honors, Coverage
  • New England Scholastic Press Association Special Achievement Awards
    • 2011 Highest Achievement, Newspaper Class I


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