The Saint's Vacation

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The Saint's Vacation
The Saint's Vacation FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Leslie Fenton
Produced by William Sistrom
Screenplay by Leslie Charteris
Jeffrey Dell
Based on Charteris' novel, Getaway
Starring Hugh Sinclair
Leueen MacGrath
Music by Bretton Byrd
Cinematography Bernard Knowles
Edited by Al Barnes
Ralph Kemplen
RKO Radio British Productions
Distributed by RKO Radio Pictures
Release date
  • 9 May 1941 (1941-05-09) (US)
  • 24 May 1941 (1941-05-24) (UK)
Running time
61 minutes
Country United Kingdom
United States
Language English

The Saint's Vacation is the title of a 1941 adventure film produced by the British arm of RKO Pictures. The film starred Hugh Sinclair as Simon Templar, a.k.a. "The Saint" a world-roving crimefighter who walks the fine edge of the law. This was the seventh of eight films in RKO's film series about the character created by Leslie Charteris. It was Sinclair's first appearance as Templar, having taken over the role from George Sanders. The film is the seventh of nine features produced by RKO Pictures featuring suave detective Simon Templar and it marks a major change in the series, shifting production to England.

The film was based upon Charteris' 1932 novel, Getaway (also known as The Saint's Getaway) and, like all the other films in the RKO Saint series, considerable liberties were taken with the original story. Most notably, the time frame of the story has been moved up to the Second World War, with the villains of the piece being Nazis. The film also disregards the fact that Getaway was in fact the third chapter of a trilogy which included the earlier works The Last Hero and Knight Templar. Unlike other films in the Saint series, Charteris himself co-wrote the screenplay. Also, unlike the previous Saint films, which were produced in Hollywood, The Saint's Vacation was produced and filmed in the United Kingdom.

Plot summary[edit]

Most of the story takes place in Switzerland, where Templar interrupts his holiday to retrieve a missing secret code. The key to the mystery is a Swiss music box with a most unusual tune, diligently sought after by enemy agent Rudolph (Cecil Parker) and British secret service operative Valerie (Leueen MacGrath). Templar is aided in his investigation by reporter Mary Langdon (Sally Gray) and Monty Hayward (Arthur Macrae), with Inspector Teal (Gordon McLeod) of Scotland Yard.[1]



Several characters from Getaway do appear in the film adaptation, most notably Templar's friend Monty Hayward (the only time this recurring character from the early novels appeared on film). The villain of the film, Rudolf Hauser (played by Cecil Parker) is an adjustment of the book's villain, Prince Rudolf, who had also been the villain in the early Saint novels The Last Hero and Knight Templar. One notable omission from the character list is Templar's literary girlfriend, Patricia Holm, who is replaced by another character, Mary Langdon, played by Sally Gray.

This was the first of two appearances by Sinclair as The Saint; he would later return in the film adaptation of Meet - The Tiger!, a.k.a. The Saint Meets the Tiger.


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