The Saint Around the World

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The Saint Around the World
First edition (US)
Author Leslie Charteris
Country United Kingdom
Language English language
Series The Saint
Genre Mystery, Short Stories
Publisher The Crime Club
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Preceded by The Saint on the Spanish Main
Followed by Thanks to the Saint

The Saint Around the World is a collection of short stories by Leslie Charteris, first published in 1956 by The Crime Club in the United States and by Hodder and Stoughton in the United Kingdom in 1957. This book continues the adventures of Simon Templar, alias The Saint, and is the third of three consecutive books that take a "travelogue" approach to the stories, with each taking place in a different exotic locale; Charteris would later return to this theme with The Saint in the Sun.

This book features the final regular appearance of Chief Inspector Claud Eustace Teal in the English-language Saint series (and in fact it is his first appearance in the series since 1939's The Happy Highwayman); he would appear again in one of the French pastiche novels, based upon The Saint.


The book consisted of 6 stories:

  1. Bermuda: The Patient Playboy
  2. England: The Talented Husband
  3. France: The Reluctant Nudist
  4. Middle East: The Lovelorn Sheik
  5. Malaya: The Pluperfect Lady
  6. Vancouver: The Sporting Chance

Television adaptations[edit]

Three stories from this collection formed the basis for episodes of the 1962-69 TV series, The Saint.

"The Talented Husband" has the distinction of being the very first episode of the series to be broadcast, on October 4, 1962 (thereby also making it the first Charteris story to be adapted by the series). "The Sporting Chance" appeared on December 12, 1963, during the second season. "The Reluctant Nudist" was adapted as "The Persistent Parasites" and aired on July 29, 1965, as part of the fourth season.