The Salvos of the Aurora Cruiser

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The Salvos of the Aurora Cruiser
Russian: Залп «Авроры»
Directed byYuri Vyshinsky
Written by
Music byVasiliy Solovev-Sedoy
CinematographyAnatoli Nazarov
CountrySoviet Union

The Salvos of the Aurora Cruiser (Russian: Залп «Авроры») is a 1965 Soviet drama film directed by Yuri Vyshinsky.[1][2][3]


The film takes place in Petrograd in October 1917. Lenin is going to organize an armed uprising, while Zinoviev is against it. Most members of the Central Committee support Lenin. The Russian Provisional Government sends its troops to the Winter Palace, and the commander of Aurora Erickson receives an order to go to sea...[4]



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