The Sandbox (video game)

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The Sandbox
Developer(s)Animoca, Pixowl
ReleaseMay 15, 2012
Genre(s)Sandbox game

The Sandbox is a sandbox game for mobile phones (iOS and Android) developed by American studio Pixowl and Animoca and released on May 15, 2012.

The game is entitled "The Sandbox" because it allows the user the freedom to create whatever they wish to, commonly referred to in video games as "sandbox mode". The player takes the role of "Deity apprentice" and sets about crafting his or her own universe through the exploration of resources such as water, soil, lightning, lava, sand, glass, and many more complex elements such as humans, wildlife, and mechanical contraptions. Players encounter tasks like using water and dirt to make mud, and challenges like making a battery or building an electrical circuit. Players can save worlds they have created and also upload them to a public gallery.

The Sandbox was downloaded over 40 million times. Its sequel is called: "The Sandbox Evolution".

The Game was acquired by Animoca in August 2018 to work on a Voxel-style Blockchainversion of the game, so that users can share their creations.[1][2]


  • Pixel art / Voxel graphic style
  • Available on Android, iPhone & iPad (Retina Display compatible)
  • Touch based controls
  • 24 campaigns—343 game levels in all
  • Online Gallery for sharing created and browsing worlds


The game has a Metacritic score of 85% based on 7 critic reviews.[3]

The Sandbox has a 3.5 star overall review on Amazon.


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