The Sasquatch Gang

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The Sasquatch Gang
Sasquatch gang.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Tim Skousen
Produced by Craig Anderson
Dana Brunetti
Jeremy Coon
Randy Holleschau
Adam Kassen
Mark Kassen
Kevin Spacey
Daniel Wright
Written by Tim Skousen
Starring Jeremy Sumpter
Justin Long
Joey Kern
Music by John Swihart
Cinematography Munn Powell
Edited by Tim Skousen
Jeremy Coon
Distributed by Sony BMG
Screen Media Pictures
Release date
  • January 2006 (2006-01) (Slamdance Film Festival)
  • November 30, 2007 (2007-11-30) (United States)
Running time
86 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Sasquatch Gang (also known as The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang) is a 2006 comedy film written and directed by Tim Skousen, the first assistant director on Napoleon Dynamite.

The six-week shoot was completed in the summer of 2005. The film premiered in January 2006 at the Slamdance Film Festival, where it won the Audience Award. It was also shown at the HBO US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, picking up 2 awards. One for Justin Long for Best Actor and Tim Skousen Best Director. It also showed at the Waterfront Film Festival, New Zealand Film Festival, Sidewalk Film Festival, and Vail Film Festival. The film opened in limited release in the United States on November 30, 2007. The film was released on DVD on March 25, 2008.[1]


Young sci-fi/fantasy enthusiast Gavin Gore (Jeremy Sumpter) and his ragtag group of nerd friends, girlfriend Sophie Suchowski (Addie Land), swordsman Hobie Plumber (Hubbel Palmer), and young Maynard Keyes (Rob Pinkston) stumble upon some "large tracks" and a "big ole sasquatch dumplin'" whilst walking some trails in the nearby woods. Unbeknownst to the friends, two of Gavin's redneck neighbors, Zerk Wilder (Justin Long) and Shirts Joachim (Joey Kern) planted some fake evidence as a plan to gain profits and pay off Zerk's credit card bill. Soon the publicity stunt gains the attention of a local Sasquatch "expert" (Carl Weathers).



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