The Satanic Mass

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The Satanic Mass
Studio album by Anton Szandor LaVey
Released 1968 / rereleased June 21, 1995
Recorded San Francisco
Genre Spoken word
Label Murgenstrumm, 1968 / Amarillo, 1995 / Adversary Recordings

The Satanic Mass: Recorded Live at the Church of Satan is the first released audio recording of a Satanic ritual by high priest Anton Szandor LaVey, recorded in 1967 at Church of Satan headquarters, known as The Black House.[1] The album was originally released as a vinyl LP on LaVey's own label, Murgenstrumm, in 1968.

Side one of the album features an audio recording of the baptism of LaVey's daughter, Zeena. Side two features excerpts from the then-unpublished book, The Satanic Bible, recited by LaVey over the music of Ludwig van Beethoven, Richard Wagner and John Philip Sousa.[2]

Track listing[edit]

1."The Satanic Mass"19:48
3."Book of Satan, Verse I"2:47
4."Verse II"3:27
5."Verse III"2:56
6."Verse IV"1:47
7."Verse V"2:54
8."Hymn of the Satanic Empire, or the Battle Hymn of the Apocalypse"13:20