The Satisfiers of Alpha Blue

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The Satisfiers of Alpha Blue
Directed by Gerard Damiano
Produced by Gerard Damiano
Written by Gerard Damiano
Starring Robert Kerman
Herschel Savage
Lysa Thatcher
Cinematography Phil Gries
James McCalmont
Release date
Running time
86 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Satisfiers of Alpha Blue is a 1980 pornographic film directed by Gerard Damiano and starring Robert Kerman, Herschel Savage and Lysa Thatcher.


In a futuristic society called 'Alpha Blue', sexual needs are fulfilled by a computer. Griffin (Herschel Savage) is happy with this state of affairs and spends his time with prostitutes, but Algon (Robert Kerman as R. Bolla) longs for the good old days of love and romance. He falls in love with Satisfier 805, Diana (Lysa Thatcher).

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