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The Sauce is the first solo release of Eddie Spaghetti of the American rock and roll band The Supersuckers. It is a collection of country drinking songs released in 2003 on Mid-Fi Records.

Track listing[edit]

  1. The Best Of All Possible Worlds (K. Kristofferson)
  2. Bottom Dollar (B. Shaver/D. Finley)
  3. Sleepy Vampire (E. Spaghetti)
  4. Gotta Get Drunk (W. Nelson)
  5. Misery & Gin (John Durrill/Snuff Garrett)
  6. Little Ol’ Wine Drinker, Me (Mills/Jennings)
  7. I Don’t Want To Lose You Yet (S. Earle)
  8. Sea Of Heartbreak (Paul Hampton/Hal David)
  9. Cocaine Blues (T. J. Arnall)
  10. Killer Weed (E. Spaghetti)
  11. Peace In The Valley (Love/Love/Thompson/Tonin)
  12. Blue Shadows On The Trail (R. Newman)


  • According to Mr. Spaghetti, the album showcases his "impeccable song choices and uncanny ability to sing the drinking songs for drinkers who like to drink the drinks."

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