The Sawtooth Grin

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The Sawtooth Grin
Origin Montrose, New York, USA
Genres Mathcore
Years active 1999-2004; 2009-present
Labels Dead by 1918
Associated acts Cloacal Kiss
Horse the Band
Making April
The Number Twelve Looks Like You
Snake Baptist
Members Rich Lombardi
Jay Springman
Kevin Lowney
Jon Karel
Past members Will Joel
Chris Lombardi
John E. Hickey III
Mike Lynards
Chris Russel
Thomas Robertine

The Sawtooth Grin is a mathcore[1] band from Montrose, New York formed in 1999. The group's first and only official release, Cuddlemonster, was put out on the now defunct label Dead by 1918 in 2001.[2] Pervavor, a three track EP, was later recorded and intended to be released on CD format, however due to the group's disbandment in late 2004 it was only released as a free download on their website. In late 2009, the band got back together and began work on new material, recruiting Jon Karel of The Number Twelve Looks Like You fame as the new drummer and Kevin Lowney as the new bassist.[3]

In 2012, the group announced that they begun work on a new full-length titled Jabberwocky,[4] however an album never surfaced. Demo material written and recorded during this time period has leaked onto the internet, being referred to by fans as JabberWocky's Demos. Also announced in 2012 were plans to press Cuddlemonster on vinyl, however much like Jabberwocky it was never released.[5] The band's current state and future plans are unknown.


Current members
Former members



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